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SOAS Standing Orders: Annex II(iii): Faculty Research Committees

Annex II(iii) Faculty Research Committees

Faculty Research Committees report to Faculty Board

(i) The membership of Faculty Research Committees will comprise

Associate Dean (Research), or equivalent (Chair)

Other Members:
One academic member from each Department
Two research students

(ii) The Registrar will nominate a Secretary.  A representative of Registry and a representative of the Research & Enterprise Office will be in attendance.
There will normally be two ordinary meetings of the Committee per term.

(iii) The remit of the Committee is to consult with Departments and to formulate and to keep under review the Faculty's research strategy, making recommendations to Research & Enterprise Committee and other committees as appropriate.

(iv) Faculty Research Committees will have the following Panel(s) reporting to them, where this is agreed as appropriate by the relevant Faculty:

Research Panel(s)

Faculty Research Committees may delegate activities and authorities to the Panel(s), as appropriate, but retains overall responsibility for these.

(v) Faculty Research Committees will have the following terms of reference:

(a) To recommend to Faculty Board a research strategy for the Faculty and to keep this under review;

(b) To allocate such funds as are set aside for this purpose to support research initiatives for the Faculty under delegated authority from Research & Enterprise Committee, and to present an annual report and accounts to Research & Enterprise Committee;

(c) To keep under review and monitor matters relating to research students in the Faculty and to make recommendations to Faculty Board and/or Faculty Management Group where appropriate;

(d) To recommend to Faculty Board proposals for research leave.