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Annex XIV: Investment Advisory Panel

Annex XIV Investment Advisory Panel

This is an Advisory Panel to Resources & Planning Committee.

(i) The membership of Investment Advisory Panel will comprise:

      Chair of Resources & Planning Committee

      Ex officio:

      Other members:
One Lay Member of Resources & Planning Committee
      One Lay Member of Board of Trustees not on Resources & Planning Committee
      Such other members as may be co-opted by the Committee from time to time.
      The Director of Finance and Planning will act as Secretary.

(ii) There will normally be three ordinary meetings of the Panel each session.

(iii) The Panel will have the following terms of reference:

(a) To receive reports and advice from the School's investment managers on the performance of its endowment asset investments;

(b) To report and make recommendations to Resources & Planning Committee on:

       (i)   Performance and selection of investment managers;
       (ii)  Investment strategy.

(c) To review the performance of the School's short-term investments and report its findings to Resources & Planning Committee;

(d) To make recommendations to Resources & Planning Committee on the strategy and investment criteria for short-term investments;

(e) In exceptional circumstances, to determine investment strategy on behalf of Resources & Planning Committee (for example, if there was an urgent need to safeguard the School's endowment assets by moving from equities into cash or gilts).