SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Order VII: Nominations Committee

VII Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee reports to the Board of Trustees.

(i) The membership of Nominations Committee will comprise

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Ex-officio Members:
Vice Chair of Board of Trustees

Other Members:
2 lay members of the Board of Trustees appointed by Board of Trustees
A Pro-Director

(ii) The Registrar will nominate a Secretary.  The Committee will normally hold three ordinary meetings per annum.

(iii) The Committee will have the following terms of reference.

(a) To advise the Board of Trustees on the appointment and re-appointment of individuals as lay members of the Board of Trustees and other committees, giving due consideration to the need for an appropriate balance of skills on the Board of Trustees and of the specific need of committees for specialist skills;

(b) To approve minor amendments to the School's procedures for recruiting the Board of Trustees members, and to recommend to the Board of Trustees any major changes to these procedures.