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SOAS Standing Orders: Annex XIII: Appointment Procedures for the Pro-Directors and Deans

Annex XIII Appointment Procedures for the Pro-Directors and Deans

1. All recruitment, selection and appointment processes will be undertaken in a manner which is consistent with the School’s Equal Opportunities Policy and best practice.  

2. The Pro-Directors and Deans will normally be selected from the senior academic staff of the School. In exceptional circumstances following consultation with Executive Board, a fixed term post of Pro-Director or Dean may be externally advertised.

3. The Director will invite applications from members of academic staff.  Heads of academic, administrative or service departments may nominate suitable persons, provided those persons are prepared to stand.

4. The Director will arrange for interviews with shortlisted candidates following normal selection procedures for senior academic posts. Interview panels may include an external referee and/or a lay Member of the Board of Trustees.

5. The Director will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees which will confirm the appointment.