SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Orders: Annex VII; Student Outcomes Panel

Annex VII Student Outcomes Panel

The Student Outcomes Panel is a sub-committee of Teaching, Learning & Student Outcomes Committee.  It is required to report to Teaching, Learning & Student Outcomes Committee on a regular basis.  It also has a responsibility to liaise with other committees and to keep them informed as necessary.


The membership of the Student Outcomes Panel will comprise:

  • Chair: 
    • Associate Director (Student Inclusion and Welfare)
  • Ex-officio Members:
    • Associate Director (Learning Environment and Student Outcomes)
    • Head of Careers
    • Head of Widening Participation
    • Academic Registrar
    • Director of Planning
  • Other Members:
    • 1 academic representative from each Department nominated by that Department (where possible, preference might be given to those with, or working towards, HEA certification)    
    • 1 academic representative from IFCELS nominated by IFCELS
    • 1 academic representative from the Languages Centre nominated by the Languages Centre
    •  3 full members of the Students' Union nominated by the Students' Union Executive Committee (UG/PGT/PGR)

The Registrar & Secretary (COO) will nominate a Secretary (usually a member of the Quality Assurance team).  The Committee will normally hold five ordinary meetings per annum.

Terms of Reference

Student Outcomes Panel will have the following terms of reference. 

  1. To advise Teaching, Learning & Student Outcomes Committee on the development of those aspects of learning and teaching strategy that relate to the participation, retention, progression and destinations of students on all taught programmes of study for which the School is responsible;
  2.  to monitor outcomes of students on all programmes of study for which the School is responsible, with particular reference to differences between groups of students with particular characteristics;
  3.  To identify, analyse and disseminate examples of good practice in learning, teaching and student support which contribute to improved outcomes for students or ameliorates differences in outcomes;
  4.   to recommend to Teaching, Learning & Student Outcomes Committee changes to academic regulations, related policies, codes of practice and any other procedures of the School which would enhance outcomes or ameliorate differences in outcomes;
  5.   to monitor the implementation of strategy and policies relating to Careers and employability, including curricular and extra-curricular provision aimed at developing transferable skills and experience of employment, and to make recommendations to Teaching, Learning & Student Outcomes Committee on changes in this area.