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Portia Owusu
Portia Owusu

Spectres from the Past: The Politics of 'History', Memory and Slavery in West African and African-American Literature.

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Danielle Tran Post-apartheid Narratives of Trauma: Literary Representations of South Africa's Contemporary Traumas (Dr K Easton)
  • Yoseph Mengistu "He was anointed because he was incarnated": Cyrillo- Alexandrian Orthodoxy in the view of modern Ethiopian theologians (Prof David Appleyard) 
  • Nathalie Montlouis Lords and Empresses in and out of Babylon: The EABIC community and the dialectic of female subordination (Dr A Oyètádé)
  • Charles Pigott Voices of the Mountains: Language and Identity in Andean Song (Prof G Furniss)
  • Aïsha Schmitt Nyoyo Zimefurahika: Urban Qasida in Zanzibar (Prof G Furniss)

  • Caroline Mose Hip-hop in Nairobi: Interrogating Popular Culture and Its Socio-Political Intersections in Urban Africa (Dr C Githiora)
  • Anita Adam Benadiri People of Somalia with particular Reference to the Reer Hamar of Mogadishu (Dr M Orwin)
  • Jarmo Pikkujamsa The search for Resolution in the Tensions of Senegalese Life: Francophone African writing with special reference to the novels of Ken Bugul (Prof G Furniss
  • Katriina Ranne - The Image of Water in the Poetry of Euphrase Kezilahabi (Dr A Rettová)
  • Anne Schumann Danse philosophique! The Social and Political Dynamics of Zouglou Music in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, 1990-2008 (Prof G Furniss
  • Jean Kamdem The Dynamics of Bilingual Adult Literacy in Africa: A Case Study of Kom, Cameroon (Dr C Githiora)
  • Mark Brogden The Culture of Exploration: British Expeditions to Northern Nigeria, 1822-1827 (Prof G Furniss)
  • Betty Sibongile Dlamini Women and Theatre for Development in Swaziland (Dr Frances Harding)
  • Zoe Norridge Perceptions of Pain: Narratives of Hurt and Healing in Contemporary African Literature (Dr K Osei-Nyame, Jnr)
  • Lizzy Attree The Literary Response to HIV and AIDS in South Africa and Zimbabwe, 1990–2005 (Dr K Easton)