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Norway, Oslo

Line, MSc politics of China 2020


Line is currently a research fellow at the Norewgian Institute for Defence Studies, researching political communication and influence operations within Beijing's foreign policy in Norway and northern Europe. While she holds a wide variety of interests - ranging from music, language, and philosophy, to animals, quantum mechanics, and the healing arts, she has a particular passion for eastern philosophy, cross-cultural communication, and Chinese political thought. Having the opportunity to research international politics in an era where the Anglophone paradigm is challenged by the rise of an ancient eastern power is just thrilling. An inspiration that has been much influenced by her experience at SOAS. The university offers a very unique and stimulating environment that combines global diversity and critical thinking with compassionate action and academic excellence. If your ambition is to have an impact on the world, SOAS is a really good place to begin that journey.

Line is excited to engage with SOAS alumni and prospective students in Norway (and other countries) and share experiences of life at SOAS and offer advice via the LinkedIn page for SOAS Alumni Norway.