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Salman, MA in Global Creative and Cultural Industries, 2019


Salman completed his MA in Global Creative and Cultural Industries (2018-19) from SOAS, with a focus on the intersection of politics, digital media and pop culture in the Global South.

He is currently based in Turkey where he runs a data analysis channel online and contributes to media outlets as a freelance journalist. He is also working on his proposal for a PhD, which he plans to undertake after the pandemic era ends. 

Salman's formative years were spent in Kuwait City which he left for his home country Pakistan following the 1990 Persian Gulf war. 

He has lived and worked as a journalist for several years in Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar and Cyprus during which he witnessed some of the most turbulent moments in these countries’ histories. He studied multimedia journalism in Berlin and computer science in Karachi before doing the MA in London.

Salman is happy to engage with SOAS alumni and prospective students in Turkey (and other countries) and share experiences of life at SOAS and offer advice via the LinkedIn page for SOAS Alumni Turkey.