SOAS University of London

Department of Anthropology and Sociology


Livelihoods at the Margins
School of Oriental & African Studies
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Room G51 & G52
Thursday 8 - Friday 9 July 2004

Thursday 8 July 2004

9.00-9.30am Registration and Coffee
9.30-9.45am Welcome and Introduction
9.45-11.15am PANEL ONE
Youth on the streets of Dhaka, Kampala and Rio de Janeiro

09.45-10.05: ALESSANDRO CONTICINI (Manchester University) We are the Kings: Children of Dhaka's Streets | Full Paper (PDF)

10.05-10.25: STAN FRANKLAND (St Andrews) No money, no life: surviving on the streets of Kampala

10.25-10.45: UDI BUTLER (CIESPI - The International Center for Research on Childhood) Rebellion and structural violence in the experiences and trajectories of youngsters living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. | Full Paper (PDF)

10.45-11.00: CHRISTINA TOREN, discussant

11.00-11.15: Questions and discussion

11.15-11.30am Tea/coffee and biscuits
11.30am-1.00pm PANEL TWO
Women on the edge: coping-strategies and resistance

11.30-11.50: ALYSON BRODY (IDS, Sussex) Keeping it clean: an exploration of order and controversion in a Bangkok shopping mall. | Full Paper (PDF)

11.50-12.10: TANIA KAISER (SOAS, London) Moving up and down looking for money : Making a living in a Ugandan Refugee Camp

12.10-12.30: ATREYEE SEN (SOAS, London) Hindu nationalism and failing development goals: Micro-finance, women and illegal livelihoods in the Bombay slums.

12.30-12.45: CHRISTOPHER DAVIS, discussant

12.45-1.00: Questions and discussion

1.00pm-1.45pm LUNCH
1.45pm-3.35pm PANEL THREE
From the local to the global: survival networks

1.45-2.05: DAVID HULME, BINAYAK SEN AND SHARIFA BEGUM (Manchester) Unsustainable Livelihoods: Rickshaw pullers in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Full Paper (PDF)

2.05-2.25: JOHN ROUND (Leicester) Restructuring the everyday in the post-Soviet Russian far north east. The development of survival strategies amongst marginalised senior citizens.

2.25-2.45: UMA KOTHARI AND TIM EDENSOR (Manchester) Global Peddlers and Local Networks

2.45-3.05: MARTIN PROWSE (School of Economic Studies, Manchester) "It is really just like fishing...what you catch depends on the bait you put on the line": The construction of friendships between beachboys and tourists on the shores of Lake Malawi | Full Paper (PDF)

3.05-3.20: JONATHAN PARRY, discussant

3.20-3.35: Questions and discussion

3.35-3.50pm Tea/coffee and biscuits
3.50-5.15pm PANEL FOUR
Away from the city: rural and pastoral exclusion

3.50-4.10: ANNU JALAIS (LSE) Ethical dilemmas surrounding poaching in the Sundarbans. | Full Paper (PDF)

4.10-4.30: DANIEL COPPARD (University of East Anglia) Labour and Drought: A Social History of Agrarian Relations in a Chottanagpur Village of Eastern India | Full Paper (PDF)

4.30-4.50: TINA COAST (LSE), KATHERINE HOMEWOOD (UCL), MICK THOMPSON AND PIP TRENCH Maasai pastoralists? Livelihoods at the margin. | Full Paper (PDF)

4.50-5.05: BARBARA HARRISS-WHITE, discussant (paper)

5.05-5.20: Questions and discussion

Friday 9 July 2004

9.15-9.30am Introduction, tea/coffee
9.30-11.20am PANEL FIVE
Sex work and beyond

9.30-9.50: LAURA MARIA AGUSTIN (Open University, Milton Keynes) Making Money Fast: Working in the European Sex Industry. | Full Paper (PDF)

9.50-10.10: SOPHIE DAY (Goldsmiths College, London) and HELEN WARD (Imperial College, London) Temporary or permanent livelihoods at the margins? Sex work in London, 1986-2000.

10.10-10.30: NANDINI GOOPTU (Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford) Cultural Change, Community Mobilisation And Participatory Development: A Case Study Of Sex Workers In Calcutta, West Bengal, India. | Full Paper (PDF)

10.30-10.50: LORRAINE VAN BLERK (Brunel University) Negotiating boundaries: bar girls and sex work in Nazareth, Ethiopia | Full Paper (PDF)

10.50-11.05: JOANNA BUSZA, discussant

11.05-11.20: Questions and discussion

11.20-11.35am Tea/coffee and biscuits
11.35-1.25pm PANEL SIX
Medics, migrants and labourers
11.35-11.55: REBECCA MARSLAND Marginalising the Centre: Traditional doctors and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

11.55-12.15: DAVID MOSSE Adivasi seasonal labour migrants in western India | Full Paper (PDF)

12.15-12.35: HOWARD JONES (IRDD, Reading) Finance for Livelihoods at the Margins: Moneylender Credit in a Rajasthan Village | Full Paper (PDF)

12.35-12.55: TREVOR MARCHAND Labouring for Faith: migrant Qur'anic students in Djenne's building trade

12.55-1.10: HELEN LAMBERT, discussant

1.10-1.25: Questions and discussion

1.25-2.25pm LUNCH
2.25-3.55pm PANEL SEVEN
Working the streets: exploring informal trading in Bolivia, Papua New Guinea and India.
2.25-2.45: SIAN LAZAR (Cambridge) Collective organisation, ethnicity and political agency among Bolivian street traders | Full Paper (PDF)

2.45-3.05: ELIZABETH KOPEL (Manchester) Informal sector economic activities: From survival to entrepreneurial in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea | Full Paper (PDF)

3.05-3.25: PARVIZ DABIR-ALAI (Richmond) Measuring vulnerability: A case study of Delhi's street vending communities. | Full Paper (PDF)

3.25-3.40: JOHN GLEDHILL, discussant

3.40-3.55: Questions and discussion