SOAS University of London

Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Benjamin, Carrie Ann. In defence of the neighbourhood': narrating place, belonging, and gentrification in the Goutte d'Or (Dr P Raman)
  • Clifford Collard, Niamh. Crafting Livelihoods, Negotiating Challenges and Realising Opportunities: An Ethnography of Life, Learning and Work Amongst Young Ghanaian Weavers (Dr M Janson)
  • Dorner, Jamila. Learning Bharatanatyam: Motor, Sensory and Social Enskilment in South Indian Dance (Dr S Hughes)
  • Drnovsek Zorko, Spela. "Although it no longer exists": migration and intergenrational knowledge after Yugoslavia (Dr P Raman)
  • Kaur, Jastinder. Towards an Anthropology of Coups in Fiji (Dr E Simpson)
  • Kazi, Taha. Religious Television: Changing Notions of Religious Authority and Piety in Karachi, Pakistan (Dr S Hughes)
  • Kendall, Jessica. Rare Birds: A Global Ethnography of Ethiopian Circus Performers (Dr D Martinez)
  • Mhishi, Lennon Chido. Songs of Migration: Experiences of Music, Place Making and Identity Negotiation Amongst Zimbabweans in London (Dr P Raman)
  • Rodriguez, Anne-Line. Social Respectability in Dakar at the Time of EU Border Closure: An Ethnography (Dr P. Raman & Prof. J. Pottier)
  • Suzuki, Ayako. The dynamics of identity amongst Japanese migrants in Dublin (Dr D Martinez)
  • Zhen, Willa Ying. Learning to ‘Taste’: Skills Transmission and Identity Formation in Cantonese Cooking Schools (Dr J Klein)
  • Baum, Antonia. Surprising Reality: Performing Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine (Dr C Osella)
  • Boni, Zofia. Children and Food in Warsaw: Negotiating Feeding and Eating (Prof H West)
  • Costa, Alessia. Unfitting Parts: The Moral, Political, and Informal Economies of 'Japanese' Organ Transplants (Dr C Davis)
  • Elsing, Sarah. Border Regulars: An Ethnographic Enquiry into the Becomings of the Thai-Lao Border from the Vantage of Small-Scale Trade (Dr K Retsikas)
  • Graf, Katharina. Food in the Making: Food Preparation, Material and Social Change in Urban Morocco (Dr J Klein)
  • Janarthanan, Dhivya. The Country Near the City: Social Space and Dominance in Tamil Nadu (Prof D Mosse)
  • Jonsson, Gunvor. The End of the Railway Line. Malian Women, Mobility and Trade in Dakar (Prof Richard Fardon)
  • Karkabi, Nadeem. Neither Heroes nor Victims: Politics of Pleasure, Ethics of Resistance and Defiant-Playful Subjectivities at the Palestinian Alternative Music Scene in Israel and the West Bank (Dr K Retsikas)
  • Kumar, Amit Kisku. A Reflexive Ethnography of Santal Indigeneity and Environmentality in Jungle Mahals, India (Prof E Simpson)
  • McKenzie, Robert. Against Refugees: An Ethnography of Asylum Seeking in Egypt (Dr J Campbell / Prof Johan Pottier)
  • Senaratne, Sunari. Surviving the Wave: Reconstruction After the Tsunami on the South-Western Coast of Sri Lanka (Prof D Mosse)
  • Simpson, Sylvia. Technologies for the Self: Japanese Women in the UK and Their Media (Dr S Hughes)
  • Strava, Christiana. Everyday Struggles and the Production of Livelihoods on the Margins of Casablanca, Morocco (Prof E Simpson)
  • Zoccatelli, Giulia. Globalizing Empowerment: An Ethnography of AIDS, Heroin and Civil Society in Post-Socialist China (Dr K Latham)
  • Cagat, Kathrine. Beyond the fields: Ethnographic explorations on notions and practices of sustainability in Ifugao, Philippines (Dr K Retsikas)
  • Irving, Miranda. Seeking Mobility and Stability: The Everyday Lives and Labours of Minangkabau Migrant Women in New Order Indonesia (Dr K Retsikas)
  • Klaeger, Gabriel. Speed Matters: An Ethnography of a Ghanaian Highway, its Perils and Potentialities (Prof R Fardon)
  • Murphy, Seamus. Contested Meanings through Social Change: An Ethnography of Institutions, Organisations, Ideologies and Power in the Market Development of the Lake Chilwa Commons (Prof J Pottier)
  • Ono, Sayako. Ballet as Liberation: Dreams, Desire and Resistance among Urban Japanese Women (Dr D Martinez)
  • Robinson, Caitlin. Becoming Beautiful: Narratives of Cosmetic Surgery and Temporality in Beirut (Dr G vom Bruck)
  • Rommel, Carl. Revolution, Play and Feeling: Assembling Emotionality, National Subjectivity and Football in Cairo, 1990-2013 (Dr S Hughes)
  • Sackey, Shirley. Ghanaian Organizations in New York and London: Transnational Concepts of Home and Belonging (Dr P Raman)
  • Warsi, Sahil. Being and Belonging in Delhi: Afghan Individuals and Communities in a Global City (Dr C Osella)
  • Ahmed Abdel Aziz Yacoub, Azza. Confronting Marginality and Otherness - Knowledge Production and the Recasting of Identity through Therapeutic and Embodied Encounters among Internally Displaced People from Southern Sudan (Dr C Davis)
  • Graham, Fabian. Contemporary Tang-Ki and Lingji Mediumship in Singapore and Taiwan: A Comparative Study of Two Folk Taoist Religious Landscapes (Dr K Latham)
  • Lai, Yin Hoi. Becoming Cosmopolitan: Chinese Students in Japan (Dr D Martinez)
  • Pritchard, Maureen. The Dialogic Imagination: Art, Ethnicity and Social Suffering in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan (Dr R Harris / Prof T Marchand)
  • Sato, Suzuka. Contesting and Negotiating with the State: Local Responses to Land and Forest Policies Under Doi Moi in a Village in a Protected Forest Area in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam (Dr J Campbell)
  • Tiwari, Shilpa. Social Representation and Rural Development: Transformation in governance, institutions, and livelihoods in response to emerging global markets for medicinal plants in the Indian Himalayas (Prof D Mosse)
  • Wada, Mao. A Lifelong Process: Migration Experiences of Japanese Women in Mixed Marriage in the UK (Dr D Martinez)
  • Chappatte, Andre. Walking an earthly path: Everyday Islam in Bougouni, a town of southwest Mali. (Prof R Fardon)
  • Ibanez Tirado, Diana. Temporality and Subjectivity in Kulob, Southern Tajikistan: An ethnography of ordinary people and their everyday lives.
  • Keet, Philomena Benedicta Camelia. Mimicking in a Material World: Negotiating stylish selves and networks in a Tokyo youth fashion scene.
  • Sengupta, Sohini. ‘Being Hungry, Becoming Free: Marginality, Identity and Livelihoods in Rural Western Orissa’ (Prof D Mosse)
  • Achilli, Luigi. Does the political bore? The denial and camouflage of the "political" in a Palestinian refugee camp.
  • Battaglia, Giulia. Documentary Film Practices in India: History of the Present.
  • Donegan, Brendan Michael. ‘An anthropological study of health activism in western India’ (Prof D Mosse)
  • Das, Debojyoti. Contested Development: Problems and Dilemmas in Sustainable Jhum Redevelopment in Nagaland (Prof D Mosse)
  • Gholami, Reza. 'Who Needs Islam?': 'Non-Islamiosity' and the Production of Diaspora among Iranian Shi'a in London (Dr P Raman)
  • Hoque, Ashraf. Generation Terror: Muslim Youth, Being British, and Not So British (Dr P Raman)
  • Mirza, Shireen. Embodying Pasts: Ritual and memory of Shi’a practices in India’s Deccan (Dr S Hughes)
  • Pei-Chien. Challenging the Ethnic Paradigm: Religious Conversion and Identity Construction amongst Chinese Muslims in Penang, Malaysia.
  • Rollier, Paul. “We’re not genuine Muslims”: Spoken Islam, Shi‘i mourning and morality in urban Pakistan ( Dr M Marsden)
  • Russell, James Edward. Cultural Property and Heritage in Japan.
  • Tilche, Alice. Broken Frames: Tribal museums, representation and marginality in contemporary India (Prof D Mosse
    Zavoretti, Roberta. An ethnographic inquiry into the limits of China's 'rural to urban migrant' paradigm. (Dr C Osella)
  • Bernardo, Joel. Contested 'right to remain' and 'option to return': Making sense of migrant 'ineligibility' among Filipinos in a London suburb.
  • Chaisinthop, Nattaka. The Power of Good: Volunteering and Giving in Thailand.
  • Das, Priya. ‘Politics of Participatory Conservation: The Case of Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India’ (Prof D Mosse)
  • De Jong, Annekarijn. The Silent Voice: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Activism and Resistance (Dr G Vom Bruck)
  • Florescu, Madalina. Ethnographic Contexts: Encountering a First Post-Independence Cohort of Padres Nativos in Luanda, 2006-2007.
  • Gaasholt, Ole Martin. Associating with an Overstretched State: Politics in Tuareg-Dominated Malian Gourma. (Prof R Fardon)
  • Kawabata, Miki. (Re)locating identities in the Ancestral Homeland: The Complexities of Belonging among the Migrants from Peru in Okinawa. (Dr D Martinez)
  • Marashi, Mahnaz. Devout Intellects: Knowledge and Scholarly Practice in an Islamic Academy in Malaysia (Prof J.D.Y. Peel)
  • Mottin, Monica. Rehearsing For Life: Theatre For Social Change In Kathmandu, Nepal (Prof D Mosse)
  • Whelan, Debbie. Trading Lives: The commercial, social and political communities of the Zululand trading store. (Prof T Marchand)
  • Albrecht, Eduardo Zachary. Rising South: Music, Body, and Politics in a Naples Nightclub (Prof J Pottier)
  • Cook, Emma Elizabeth. Failing Freeters: Young Men, Masculinity and Adulthood in Japan (Dr D Martinez)
  • Leung, Wing-Fai. Image, Performance and Identity: An Exploration of the Cultural and Social Meanings of Multi-Media Stardom in Hong Kong 1980-2005 (Dr K Latham)
  • Mohsini, Mira Juhi. Becoming an "Asli Karigar": The Production Of Authenticity among Old Delhi's Muslim Artisans. (Dr C Osella)
  • Simon, Paul. Hansen Hokkaido Dairy Farm: Change, Otherness, and the Search for Security. (Dr D Martinez)
  • Singer, Jill. The Eve Complex: A Feminist Approach to Psycho-Sexual and Social Development (Dr D Martinez)
  • Soleil, Julie. Archambault Cruising Through Uncertainty: Mobile Phone Practices, Occulted Economies and the Politics of Respect in Southern Mozambique. (Prof H West)
  • Szawarska, Dorota. Kinship - An Ambivalent Relation: The Case of Sakhalin Korean Repatriates. (Dr C Osella)
  • Alaszewska, Jane. The Music of Shamans, Weavers and Exiles: An Ethnomusicological Study of the Performing Arts of the Southern Izu Islands (Dr S Hughes)
  • Domingos, Nuno Miguel Rodrigues. Football in Colonial Lourenço Marques: Bodily Practices and Social Rituals (Prof H West)
  • Fun So, Yuen. The Making of Inabilities: Governance and the Strategies of Social Actors in a Development Project in an Ethical Minority Community in Southwest China (Dr J Klein)
  • Hirano, Mari. The Aids Epidemic among Haemophiliacs in Japan: The Mother's Experience (Dr D Martinez)
  • Meier, Patrik. People of the Suq: Identity, Practice, and Place-Making in Aleppo's Old City Market. (Prof T Marchand)
  • Niehusmann, Silke. Manga - Lost in Translation? (Dr D Martinez)
  • Pak, Nacim. Shiism and Film: Religion and Spirituality in Iranian Cinema (Dr G Vom Bruck)
  • Robinson, Luke Alexander Hallett. Xianchang: On Location with China's New Documentary Film Movement (Dr K Latham)
  • Verma, Ritu. Inside the Development Machine: Culture, Science and Discontent in the Central Highlands of Madagascar (Prof J Pottier)
  • Cockain, Alex. An Anthropological Study of Youth in New Millenium China. (Dr K Latham)
  • Fabbri, Katia. Family Medicine from Counter-Culture to Role-Model: An Anthropological Look into the Teaching and Practice of Family Medicine in the United States (Dr C Davis)
  • Fahy, Sandra. Tales from the Bottom of the Well: Famine Survivor Testimonies from North Korea (Prof J Pottier)
  • Fisker-Nielsen, Anne Mette. Young Soka Gakkai Members' Support For Kompito: The Interpellation of Religious Idealism and Political Reality In Contemporary Japan (Dr D Martinez)
  • Gayle, Herbert Samuel. Urban Poverty and Violence: A Study of Selected Inner City Communities in Jamaica and Britain (Dr J Campbell)
  • Kunnath, George Joseph. From the Mud Houses of Magadh: Dalits, Naxalites and the Making of a Revolution in Bihar, India (Prof D Mosse)
  • Todd, Lindi Renier. What's in a Name? The Politics of the Past Within Afrikaner Identifications in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Dr C Davis)
  • Chan, Kwok-Shing. In Search of Welfare and Security in Contemporary Hong Kong: An Ethnographic Perspective from a Chinese Lineage Village (Dr S Thompson)
  • Geros, Panagiotis. When Christianity Matters: The Production and Manipulation of Communalism in Damascus, Syria (Dr D Martinez)
  • Gray, Nicholas Ivo Walton. No Tree Is Untouched by the Wind: Aspects of Composition and Improvisation in Balinese Gender Wayang (Dr S Hughes)
  • Portisch, Anna Odland. Kazakh Syrmaq-Production in Western Mongolia: Learning and Skill in a Domestic Craft Tradition (Prof T Marchand)
  • Van Wyk, Ilana. Profit Prophets and God's Money: The Making and Unmaking Of Riches in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Durban, South Africa (Prof H West)
  • Whiles, Virginia Noel. Manoeuvering Miniatures: Tradition and Subversion in Pakistani Contemporary Art (Dr P Raman)
  • Venkatachalam, Meera. Slavery in Memory: A Study of the Religious Practices of the Anglo-Ewe (Prof J Peel)
  • Fish, Sheila Anne. Children, Media and Class in Post-Suharto Indonesia (Prof M Hobart)
  • Herold, David Kurt. Education and Progress: The Decisions of a Chinese Minority (Dr S Thompson)
  • Hovland, Ingeborg. Distance Destroys and Kills: An Anthropological Inquiry into the Nature of Faith in a Lutheran Norwegian Missionary Society (Prof J Peel)
  • Murakami, Daisuke. National Imaginings, Ethnic Tourism and Contested Tibetan Identities in Contemporary Lhasa, Tibet (PRC) (Dr D Martinez)
  • Ota, Satoshi. The Ambiguous Lightness of Being: Taiwanese Youth, Identity, and the Consumption of Japanese Youth Culture (Dr D Martinez)
  • Sideri, Eleni. The Greeks of the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia: Memories and Practices Of Diaspora. (Dr P Raman)
  • Taniguchi, Makiko. Jackie Chan Fights Lei Feng? An Anthropological Consideration of the Televisual Representation Of Heroes In Contemporary Urban China (Dr S Thompson)
  • Chapman, Kristopher Paul. Inside the Dojo: Participation and Performance in the Japanese Martial Arts (Dr D Martinez)
  • Ho, Wing Chung. Managing Changes in a Socialist "Model Community": The Reminiscences of the "Revolutionary Vanguards" in Urban Shanghai in the Late 1990s (Dr K Latham)
  • Marsland, Rebecca. Ethnographic Malaria: The Uses of Medical Knowledge in Tanzania (Dr C Davis)
  • Xian, Yu Cheng. Old Music in New China: "Living Fossil" or "Flowing River"? (Dr S Hughes)
  • Desai, Bina. Local Brokers: Knowledge, Trust and Organisation in the Practice Of Agricultural Extension for Small and Marginal Farmers in Rajasthan, India (Prof D Mosse)
  • Gillan, Matthew Alexander. Multiple Identities in Yaeyaman Folk Music (Dr S Hughes)
  • Klein, Jakob Akiba. Reinventing the Traditional Guangzhou Teahouse: Caterers, Customers and Cooks in Post-Socialist Urban South China (Dr K Latham)
  • Lim, Khek Gee Francis. Imagining the Good Life in the Himalaya (Prof J Peel)