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Department of Anthropology and Sociology


Unlike other UK Anthropology departments, SOAS staff are specialists on Asia, Africa or the Middle East, their global interconnections, and their diasporas. We share a strong SOAS tradition of language-related work applied to subjects as varied as gender, food, environment, development and sustainability, trade, infrastucture, consumption, mental health, medicine, science and technology, material culture, tourism, heritage, social identities, migration and diaspora, and belonging and exclusion.

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Empowering scholars in Africa, Asia and Latin America

As well as belonging to the Department, staff and students benefit from the cross-disciplinary perspectives opened through SOAS’s Regional and Topical Research Centres. Our students represent many cultures and nations, and around half of them are registered for postgraduate degrees within an atmosphere that is at once intellectually challenging, lively and supportive.

Two of our larger research initiatives are linked below. To learn more about ongoing research in the Department, see the research profiles of staff members and research associates on their individual Staff Pages, as well as a sampling of our current PhD Students

A taste of anthropological research at SOAS

Department ethics statement

The Department of Anthropology has established review procedures designed to assure its members that all research undertaken by us, whether as staff or students, and the funding streams drawn upon to carry out that research, are ethically acceptable to us as a community of concerned scholars.

Applicants should be aware that we monitor the funding environment closely and reserve the right collectively to decide when we do not wish to participate in particular funded initiatives.