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History of Art and Archaeology

Curating Art and Culture in a Digital Age

Online Short Course

Venue: Online Learning

17 June – 15 July 2021 - Five Weekly Sessions on a Thursday

Mode of Attendance: Online Learning

Fees: FREE


A unique course exploring how digital technology is reshaping the arts in the 21st century - from art fair curation to music production, film making to gaming, arts journalism to social media influencers. We explore key questions of this digital age: How are Instagram influencers shaking up the art scene? What do new digital technologies mean for film production? How can you decolonise digital music production? How do you create, curate, collect and sell a digital artwork? Featuring contributors from Nigeria, Korea, South Africa, Hong Kong and Iraq, and experts from the Art Newspaper, The Royal Academy, MusicTechFest, 3812 Gallery, Witswatersrand University, Cardiff University & SOAS.

The course features a series of five expert panel discussions, featuring industry insiders, museum and curation professionals, digital artists and practitioners and academic specialists, convened by Dr Caspar Melville (CCIMSS) and Dr Malcolm McNeill (Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art). Contributors include Aimee Dawson (The Art Newspaper), Calvin Hui (3812 Gallery), Andrew Dubber (MusicTechFest), digital music pioneers Khyam Allami and Vicky Clarke, Francesca Sobande (Cardiff University) Adrian Locke (Royal Academy), contemporary digital artists Yiyun Kang and Victor Wong (3812 Gallery), South African game designers Tim Flusk and Kieran Reid (Witswatersrand University) and filmmaker and leader of the African Screen Worlds project Lindiwe Dovey (SOAS).

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the creative industries, join us to meet and learn from the curators, artists, writers, producers, musicians and directors at the forefront of digital innovation in 2021.

Co-produced by:
The Centre for Creative Industries, Media and Screen Studies
and the Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art

This course is now freely available for you to view in your own time via Youtube at this link.


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