SOAS University of London

Department of the History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

PhD Theses Completed since 2007


  • Stephanie Alexandra Westwood Tredan
    Stuck in Limbo: The Repatriation of Unprovenanced Australian Indigenous Ancestral Remains from UK and Australian Museums
    Supervisor: Louise Tythacott
  • Tara Desjardins
    Mughal Glass: Indian Glass from the Late Modern and Early Colonial Period
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini
  • Eva Bentcheva
    The Cultural Politics of British South Asian Performance Art, 1960s to the Present
    Supervisor: Tania Tribe
  • Kristin Scheel Lunde
    13th - 14th Century Yuan and Mongol Silk-Gold Textiles: Transcultural Consumption, meaning and reception in the Mongol Empire and in Europe
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Maurizia Onori
    Neo-Mamluk and Neo-Norman Funerary Architecture in Palermo 19th- 20th century
    Supervisor: Scott Redford
  • Yang Fu
    Ritual Furniture from the Qing Imperial Mausoleum: Reinterpretation of a Miaojin Box Set from the Yongzheng Period (1723-1735)
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Biquing Ouyang
    Modularity and Mass Production in Early Chinese Mirrors: The Wu Kingdom as a Case Study
    Supervisor: Lukas Nickel
  • Daphne Ming Li
    Constructing Singapore Art History: The Production and Patronage of Portraiture and the Development of Painting and Photography in Colonial Singapore (1819-1942)
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Lia Wei
    A Comparative Study of Burial Caves South of the Yangzi River - Highland Routes and Fontier Communities at the Fall of the Han Empire (2nd to 3rd Century CE)
    Supervisor: Charlotte Horlyck
  • Rebecca Bradshaw
    Beyond Identity: The Socio-Economic Impacts of Archaeology on a Non-Descendant Community in Sudan
    Supervisor: Tania Tribe


  • Anais Da Fonseca
    Continuity and Change in Contemporary Cheriyal Paintings from Telangana, India
    Supervisor: Crispin Branfoot
  • David L Houston
    Liberated Zones, Spaces for Art and Change, New York City 1975 - 1995
    Supervisor: Charles Gore
  • Hao Liu
    The purpose, operation and impacts of art investment of the British Rail Pension Fund's collection of Chinese work of art from 1974 to 1989
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Ilse Timperman
    Early Niche Graves in the Turfan Basin and Inner Eurasia
    Supervisor: Lukas Nickel
  • In-Sung Kim Han
    Islamic Material Culture in Medieval Korea and Its Legacy
    Supervisor: Scott Redford
  • Lesley S Pullen
    Representation of Textiles on Classical Javanese Sculpture
    Supervisor: Christian Luczanits
  • Maria Sardi
    Mamluk Textiles in Context
    Supervisor: Scott Redford
  • Marine Cabos
    Seeing Through Landscape: French Photographic Archives of China (1840s-1930s)
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Malcolm McNeill
    Narrative Agency in Thirteenth-Fourteenth Century Chan Figure Painting: A Study of Hagiography - Iconography Text-Image Relationships
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Sara-Louise Peterson
    Roses, Poppies and Narcissi: Plant Iconography at Tillya-tepe and Connected Cultures across the Ancient Worlds
    Supervisor: Lukas Nickel
  • Terumi Toyama
    The Significance of Copying: Replication of Kyoto's Sacred Spaces in Early Seventeeth Century Edo
    Supervisor: Timon Screech


  • Rose Ojo
    The role of Movement and Migration in the Photographic Work of Carrie Mae Weems, Joy Gregory, Rotimi Fani Kayode, Albert Chong, Yinka Shonibare and Renee Cox
    Supervisor: Charles Gore
  • Doreen Mueller
    Documenting Disaster in Japanese Painting - The Case of the Tenpo Era Famine (1833-39) and its Legacy
    Supervisor: Timon Screech
  • Phoebe Hirsch
    Masijids in South Africa
    Supervisor: Charles Gore
  • Jacopo Gnisci
    The Passion of Christ in Ethiopian Gospel Illumination (1270-1527)
    Supervisor: Tania Tribe
  • Mami Hatayama
    Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891): His Sources of Inspiration and the Cultural Milieu of Late Edo to Early Meiji Japan
    Supervisor: Timon Screech
  • Malcolm Corrigal
    A History of the Chinese Camera Club of South Africa
    Supervisor: Charles Gore
  • John Johnston
    Jiangxi Landmarks on Jingdezhen Porcelain With Special Reference to Tengwang Ge
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Tianshuang Liang
    Remodelling Modern Chinese Art: The Agency of the Syncretism in 1908-1936
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Sami Luigi De Giosa
    The revival of architecture and of the decorative arts in Cairo and the Mamluk provinces during the reign of Sultan Qaytbay (1468-1496)
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif


  • Rosalia Genovese
    The Plain of Jars of Laos - Beyond Madeleine Colani
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Nikolaos Vryzidis
    A study on Ottoman Christian aesthetic: Greek-Orthodox vestments & ecclesiastical fabrics, 16th to 18th centuries
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini 
  • Hee Na Youn
    Objects of Popular Devotion: Longquan Ceramic Religious Figures during the Song-Yuan-Ming Period
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Jung-taek Lee
    The Birth of Modern Fashion in Korea: Sartorial Transition between Hanbok and Yangbok and Colonial Modernity of Dress Culture.
    Supervisor: Charlotte Horlyck
  • Mimi Savitri
    Surakarta: Islamic and Colonial city-planning in Java
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Preeti Khosla
    A Study of the Visual Language of the Indigenous Styles of Book Painting in North India during the Sultanate perios (1414-1525 AD)
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Chengxi Dong
    Early Museums in China
    Supervisor: Tao Wang
  • Chen Qing
    Mosques of the Maritime Muslim Community of China: A Study of the Mosques in the South and Southeast Coastal Regions of China
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Paula Callus
    Animation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trajectories of Ideas and Practice
    Supervisor: Charles Gore


  • Emma Martin
    Charles Bell, a collector in Tibet
    Supervisor: Crispin Branfoot
  • Tanja Tolar
    Islamic enamelled glass and its connections with Byzantium and Venice
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini
  • Julie Crooks
    Alphonso Lisk-Carew: Early Photography in Sierra Leone
    Supervisor: Charles Gore
  • Yin Hwang
    Victory Pictures in a Time of Defeat - Depicting War in the Print and Visual Culture of Late Qing China 1884-1901
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Kaveh Bakhtiar
    Three London Mosques: Fragments of an Alternative Architecture
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini


  • Yin Hwang
    The Depiction of War and Rebellion in the Print and Visual Culture of Late Qing China, 1884-1901
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Bora Keskiner
    Sultan Ahmed III (c.1703 – 1730) as Calligrapher and patron of Calligraphy
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Chen Li-Kuei
    The Siwei Boddhisattva: The Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of sixth Century China
    Supervisor: Lukas Nickel
  • Shuchi Shen
    Marketing the artist: the art of Qi Baishi (1864 – 1957) in the Peking Art World
    Supervisor: Shane McCausland
  • Eriko Tomizawa-Kay
    Hishida Shunsō (1874-1911): Breaking Boundaries in Modern Japanese Art
    Supervisor: Timon Screech
  • Farouk Yahya
    Magic and Divination: the Malay Tradition in Illustrated Manuscripts
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini


  • Elena Bernadini
    Interrogating Installation Art from India
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Alyson Wharton
    Building the Tanzimat: the Power of the Baylan Family in the Age of Re-Organizations
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Anna McSweeney
    The Green and the Brown: a study of Paterna ceramics
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini
  • Alison Ohta
    Covering the Bok: Bindings of the Mamluk period, 1250 – 1516 CE
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini
  • Selen Etingu
    Carved Headgear on Ottoman Tombstones: A marker of status within three administrative departments in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Angela Chiu
    The social and religious world of northern Thai Buddha images: art, lineage, power and place in Lan Na monastic chronicles (Tamnan)
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Sophie Mew
    Rethinking heritage and display in national museums in Ghana and Mali
    Supervisor: Charles Gore
  • Jenny Preston
    Nishikawa Sukenobu: the engagement of popular art in socio-political discourse
    Supervisor: Timon Screech
  • Yi-hsin Lin
    Tradition, Transmission and Transformation: Art Collecting and Gentry identity of the Pan Family in Nineteenth century Suzhou
    Supervisor: Wang Tao
  • Nicole Chiang Ter-chuang
    Reconsidering the Collection of the Imperial household during the Qianlong Reign (1735 – 1796)
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Ching-yi Huang
    John Sparkes Ltd: Art dealer and Chinese Art in Britain, 1900 – 1950
    Supervisor: Wang Tao


  • Melanie Gibson
    The enigmatic figure – Glazed ceramic sculpture from Iran and Syria Twelfth – Thirteenth Centuries
  • Rosalind Anne Wade Haddon
    Fourteenth century fine glazed wares produced in the Iranian world, and comparisons with contemporary ones from the Golden Horde and Mamluk Syria/Egypt
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Jeoung-eun Kim
    Sabangbul during the Choson dynasty: regional development of Buddhist images and rituals
  • Mehreen Chida-Razvi
    The Imperial Mughal Tomb of Jahangir: history, construction and production
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Joona Repo
    The Buddhist architecture of the Tibetan diaspora in India
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore


  • Marjo Alafouzo
    The Iconography of the Drinking Scene at Alchi, Ladakh
    Supervisor: Philip Denwood
  • Pui Pedith Chan
    The Making of a Modern Art World: The Institutionalism of Guohua in Shanghai, 1929 – 1937
  • Shinya Maezaki
    Qing-Style Porcelain in Meiji Japan: The Ceramic Art of Seifi Yohei III
    Supervisor: John Carpenter
  • Jane Oksbjerg
    Religious Imagery of Middle Yayoi Settlements: An Iconology of Engraved Drawings on Kinai Pottery and Bronze Bells
    Supervisor: John Carpenter
  • Malini Roy
    Idiosyncrasies in the late Mughal painting tradition of Awadh: The artist Mihr Chand, son of Ganga Ram (fl. 1759 - 86)
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • John Glass
    Artistic legacy: modern Burmese painting and graphics in their historical context
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Valerie Jurgens
    The Karlbeck Syndicate 1930 – 1934: collecting and scholarship on Chinese art in Sweden and Britain
    Supervisor: Wang Tao
  • George Manginis
    Hagia Koryphe (Jabal Musa) at Sinai, Egypt 2010
    Supervisor: Geoffrey King
  • Stephen Murphy
    The Buddhist boundary markers of northeast Thailand and central Laos, 7th – 12th Centuries CE: towards an understanding of the archaeological, religious and artistic landscapes of the Khorat Plateau
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Francois Tainturier
    The foundation of Mandalay by King Mindon


  • Oliver Chow
    The cruel imagination: Visual politics of cruelty in contemporary culture
    Supervisor: Tania Tribe
  • Clarence Eng
    The Use of Ceramic in Chinese Late Imperial Architecture
    Supervisor: Stacey Pierson
  • Monique Fowler-Paul
    Growing Pains: Gender and the legacy of Black British Art
    Supervisor: John Picton
  • Fatemeh Jazayeri
    The Two Buyid, Kakuyid and Hasnuyid Hoards in the National Museum of Iran
    Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif
  • Emily Shovelton
    Sultanate painting from the North Indian subcontinent: three fifteenth century Persian illustrated Manuscripts
    Supervisor: Anna Contadini
  • Manuela Tenreiro
    Military Encounters in the 18th Century: Racial Representations in the work of Carlos Juliao and Colonial Discourse in the Portuguese Empire
    Supervisor: Tania Tribe
  • Chien Li-Kuei
    The Siwei Bodhisvatta: The Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of Sixth Century China
  • Shu-chin Wang
    Realist agency in the art field of twentieth-century China: realism in the art and writing of Xu Beihong (1895 – 1953)
    Supervisor: Lukas Nickel


  • Ambra Calo
    Transitions of a Feathered World: The Distribution of Bronze Drums in Earl Southeast Asia
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Reem Tariq El-Mutwalli
    Changes in women’s traditional dress in the United Arab Emirates during the late twentieth century
    Supervisor: Geoffrey King
  • Yu-Chin Huang
    National Identity and Ideology in the Design of Postage Stamps of China and Taiwan, 1949 – 1979
  • Hamed Mazaherian
    The influence of Shi’ite Islam on the Design and Decoration of Religious Buildings in the Safavid Period: a study based on the extant Mosques of Isfahan
    Supervisor: Geoffrey King
  • Jennifer Oram
    Freetown ‘Lantans’: Tradition, Art and Performance in Sierra Leone, 1895 – 1997
    Supervisor: John Picton
  • Khau Ming Rubin
    The Buddhist Sculpture of Yanqi (Karashahr): context, analysis and dating
    Supervisor: Craig Clunas
  • Peter Sharrock
    The Buddhist Pantheon of the Bayon of Angkor: An Historical and Art Historical Reconstruction of the Bayon and its Religious and Political Roots
    Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore
  • Shun-ling Irene Tsang
    Archaeology of performance and gender in Ancient China
    Supervisor: Wang Tao
  • Yoshie Yoshiara
    Art Museums in a Diverse Society: a Visitor Study at the South African National Gallery
    Supervisor: Tania Tribe