SOAS University of London

Department of the History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

PhD Theses Completed since 2005


Rose Ojo
The role of Movement and Migration in the Photographic Work of Carrie Mae Weems, Joy Gregory, Rotimi Fani Kayode, Albert Chong, Yinka Shonibare and Renee Cox
Supervisor: Charles Gore

Doreen Mueller
Documenting Disaster in Japanese Painting - The Case of the Tenpo Era Famine (1833-39) and its Legacy
Supervisor: Timon Screech

Phoebe Hirsch
Masijids in South Africa
Supervisor: Charles Gore

Jacopo Gnisci
The Passion of Christ in Ethiopian Gospel Illumination (1270-1527)
Supervisor: Tania Tribe

Mami Hatayama
Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891): His Sources of Inspiration and the Cultural Milieu of Late Edo to Early Meiji Japan
Supervisor: Timon Screech

Malcolm Corrigal
A History of the Chinese Camera Club of South Africa
Supervisor: Charles Gore

John Johnston
Jiangxi Landmarks on Jingdezhen Porcelain With Special Reference to Tengwang Ge
Supervisor: Stacey Pierson

Tianshuang Liang
Remodelling Modern Chinese Art: The Agency of the Syncretism in 1908-1936
Supervisor: Shane McCausland

Sami Luigi De Giosa
The revival of architecture and of the decorative arts in Cairo and the Mamluk provinces during the reign of Sultan Qaytbay (1468-1496)
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif


Rosalia Genovese
The Plain of Jars of Laos - Beyond Madeleine Colani
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Nikolaos Vryzidis
A study on Ottoman Christian aesthetic: Greek-Orthodox vestments & ecclesiastical fabrics, 16th to 18th centuries
Supervisor: Anna Contadini 

Hee Na Youn
Objects of Popular Devotion: Longquan Ceramic Religious Figures during the Song-Yuan-Ming Period
Supervisor: Stacey Pierson

Jung-taek Lee
The Birth of Modern Fashion in Korea: Sartorial Transition between Hanbok and Yangbok and Colonial Modernity of Dress Culture.
Supervisor: Charlotte Horlyck

Mimi Savitri
Surakarta: Islamic and Colonial city-planning in Java
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Preeti Khosla
A Study of the Visual Language of the Indigenous Styles of Book Painting in North India during the Sultanate perios (1414-1525 AD)
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Chengxi Dong
Early Museums in China
Supervisor: Tao Wang


Emma Martin
Charles Bell, a collector in Tibet
Supervisor: Crispin Branfoot

Tanja Tolar
Islamic enamelled glass and its connections with Byzantium and Venice
Supervisor: Anna Contadini


Yin Hwang
The Depiction of War and Rebellion in the Print and Visual Culture of Late Qing China, 1884-1901
Supervisor: Shane McCausland

Bora Keskiner
Sultan Ahmed III (c.1703 – 1730) as Calligrapher and patron of Calligraphy
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Chen Li-Kuei
The Siwei Boddhisattva: The Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of sixth Century China
Supervisor: Lukas Nickel

Shuchi Shen
Marketing the artist: the art of Qi Baishi (1864 – 1957) in the Peking Art World
Supervisor: Shane McCausland

Eriko Tomizawa-Kay
Hishida Shunsō (1874-1911): Breaking Boundaries in Modern Japanese Art
Supervisor: Timon Screech

Farouk Yahya
Magic and Divination: the Malay Tradition in Illustrated Manuscripts
Supervisor: Anna Contadini


Elena Bernadini
Interrogating Installation Art from India
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Alyson Wharton
Building the Tanzimat: the Power of the Baylan Family in the Age of Re-Organizations
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Anna McSweeney
The Green and the Brown: a study of Paterna ceramics
Supervisor: Anna Contadini

Alison Ohta
Covering the Bok: Bindings of the Mamluk period, 1250 – 1516 CE
Supervisor: Anna Contadini

Selen Etingu
Carved Headgear on Ottoman Tombstones: A marker of status within three administrative departments in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Angela Chiu
The social and religious world of northern Thai Buddha images: art, lineage, power and place in Lan Na monastic chronicles (Tamnan)
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Sophie Mew
Rethinking heritage and display in national museums in Ghana and Mali
Supervisor: Charles Gore

Jenny Preston
Nishikawa Sukenobu: the engagement of popular art in socio-political discourse
Supervisor: Timon Screech

Yi-hsin Lin
Tradition, Transmission and Transformation: Art Collecting and Gentry identity of the Pan Family in Nineteenth century Suzhou
Supervisor: Wang Tao

Nicole Chiang Ter-chuang
Reconsidering the Collection of the Imperial household during the Qianlong Reign (1735 – 1796)
Supervisor: Stacey Pierson

Ching-yi Huang
John Sparkes Ltd: Art dealer and Chinese Art in Britain, 1900 – 1950
Supervisor: Wang Tao


Melanie Gibson
The enigmatic figure – Glazed ceramic sculpture from Iran and Syria Twelfth – Thirteenth Centuries

Rosalind Anne Wade Haddon
Fourteenth century fine glazed wares produced in the Iranian world, and comparisons with contemporary ones from the Golden Horde and Mamluk Syria/Egypt
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Jeoung-eun Kim
Sabangbul during the Choson dynasty: regional development of Buddhist images and rituals

Mehreen Chida-Razvi
The Imperial Mughal Tomb of Jahangir: history, construction and production
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Joona Repo
The Buddhist architecture of the Tibetan diaspora in India
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore


Marjo Alafouzo
The Iconography of the Drinking Scene at Alchi, Ladakh
Supervisor: Philip Denwood

Pui Pedith Chan
The Making of a Modern Art World: The Institutionalism of Guohua in Shanghai, 1929 – 1937

Shinya Maezaki
Qing-Style Porcelain in Meiji Japan: The Ceramic Art of Seifi Yohei III
Supervisor: John Carpenter

Jane Oksbjerg
Religious Imagery of Middle Yayoi Settlements: An Iconology of Engraved Drawings on Kinai Pottery and Bronze Bells
Supervisor: John Carpenter

Malini Roy
Idiosyncrasies in the late Mughal painting tradition of Awadh: The artist Mihr Chand, son of Ganga Ram (fl. 1759 - 86)
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

John Glass
Artistic legacy: modern Burmese painting and graphics in their historical context
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Valerie Jurgens
The Karlbeck Syndicate 1930 – 1934: collecting and scholarship on Chinese art in Sweden and Britain
Supervisor: Wang Tao

George Manginis
Hagia Koryphe (Jabal Musa) at Sinai, Egypt 2010
Supervisor: Geoffrey King

Stephen Murphy
The Buddhist boundary markers of northeast Thailand and central Laos, 7th – 12th Centuries CE: towards an understanding of the archaeological, religious and artistic landscapes of the Khorat Plateau
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Francois Tainturier
The foundation of Mandalay by King Mindon


Oliver Chow
The cruel imagination: Visual politics of cruelty in contemporary culture
Supervisor: Tania Tribe

Clarence Eng
The Use of Ceramic in Chinese Late Imperial Architecture
Supervisor: Stacey Pierson

Monique Fowler-Paul
Growing Pains: Gender and the legacy of Black British Art
Supervisor: John Picton

Fatemeh Jazayeri
The Two Buyid, Kakuyid and Hasnuyid Hoards in the National Museum of Iran
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Emily Shovelton
Sultanate painting from the North Indian subcontinent: three fifteenth century Persian illustrated Manuscripts
Supervisor: Anna Contadini

Manuela Tenreiro
Military Encounters in the 18th Century: Racial Representations in the work of Carlos Juliao and Colonial Discourse in the Portuguese Empire
Supervisor: Tania Tribe

Chien Li-Kuei
The Siwei Bodhisvatta: The Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of Sixth Century China

Shu-chin Wang
Realist agency in the art field of twentieth-century China: realism in the art and writing of Xu Beihong (1895 – 1953)
Supervisor: Lukas Nickel


Ambra Calo
Transitions of a Feathered World: The Distribution of Bronze Drums in Earl Southeast Asia
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Reem Tariq El-Mutwalli
Changes in women’s traditional dress in the United Arab Emirates during the late twentieth century
Supervisor: Geoffrey King

Yu-Chin Huang
National Identity and Ideology in the Design of Postage Stamps of China and Taiwan, 1949 – 1979

Hamed Mazaherian
The influence of Shi’ite Islam on the Design and Decoration of Religious Buildings in the Safavid Period: a study based on the extant Mosques of Isfahan
Supervisor: Geoffrey King

Jennifer Oram
Freetown ‘Lantans’: Tradition, Art and Performance in Sierra Leone, 1895 – 1997
Supervisor: John Picton

Khau Ming Rubin
The Buddhist Sculpture of Yanqi (Karashahr): context, analysis and dating
Supervisor: Craig Clunas

Peter Sharrock
The Buddhist Pantheon of the Bayon of Angkor: An Historical and Art Historical Reconstruction of the Bayon and its Religious and Political Roots
Supervisor: Elizabeth Moore

Shun-ling Irene Tsang
Archaeology of performance and gender in Ancient China
Supervisor: Wang Tao

Yoshie Yoshiara
Art Museums in a Diverse Society: a Visitor Study at the South African National Gallery
Supervisor: Tania Tribe


May Ahmad Al-Ibrashy
The Southern Cemetery of Cairo from the 14th Century to the present
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Charlotte Horlyck
The Significance of Bronze Mirrors in Graves of the Koryo Period (AD 918 – 1392)
Supervisor: Youngsook Pak

Gehan Samir Ali Ibrahim
The Role of Architectural Representations in the Context of Islamic Decoration
Supervisor: Anna Contadini

Thalia Kennedy
Sultanate architecture of South Asia 1398 – 1526
Supervisor: Giles Tillotson

I-Mann Lai
The Famensi Reliquary Deposit: Icons of Esoteric Buddhism in Ninth – Century China
Supervisor: Wang Tao

Chao-Hui Liu
Ritual concepts and political factors in the making of the Tang Dynasty Princess Tombs in the 7th and 8th centuries
Supervisor: Wang Tao

Adriana de Miranda
Water Architecture in the Lands of Syria: The Water-Wheels
Supervisor: Anna Contadini

Ariane Perrin
Pathway to the afterlife: The Cosmological elements in the Koguryo painted tombs, 4th to 7th centuries AD
Supervisor: Youngsook Pak

Piu Yin Wong
The ‘Siling’ (Four Cardinal Animals) in Han Pictorial Art
Supervisor: Wang Tao


Christian Boehm
The Concept of Danzo: ‘Sandalwood Sculpture’ in Japanese Buddhist Art, 8th to 14th centuries
Supervisor: John Carpenter

Keith Godfrey
Pots of Gold? The representation of identity in contemporary South African art at the end of the Rainbow Nation
Supervisor: John Picton

Alfred Haft
Patterns of correspondence between the Floating World and the classical tradition: a study of the terms Mitate, Yatsushi and Furyu in the context of Ukiyo-e
Supervisor: Timon Screech

Man-Yee Ng
Ling Fenmian (1900 – 1991): figure painting and hybrid modernity in twentieth-century Chinese art

Helen Philon
Religious and royal architecture of the early Bahmani period (736/1347 – 825/1422)
Supervisor: Doris Behrens-Abouseif