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Arts & Humanities Language Aquisition Fund for Research Students

SOAS Student Research Fund - Language Acquisition

A small fund (not exceeding £700 per applicant) is available to help MPhil/PhD research students to acquire language skills necessary for their research work. Priority will be given to languages not taught at SOAS. The grant will cover tuition fees only.

It is extremely important that any language learning needs are identified as early as possible. Decisions on applications for admission to research degrees should indicate any likely need for support. There is a section for this on the decision form.

This should be followed up by a specific request from the supervisor indicating the nature of the language learning to be undertaken, the duration of the language training, the likely cost and the importance to the research project. Applications will only be considered where the language training is DIRECTLY relevant to the student’s research needs. Supervisors must therefore demonstrate clearly that the need is central to the nature of the research.

NOTE: All applicants should first check for the availability of their intended language course in the Faculty of Languages & Cultures.  If the language course required is available within the L&C faculty then it should be studied there.  Only where it is not available will applications for this grant, and outside study, be considered. 

Students wishing to apply in 2015-16 should send an application as early as possible but no later than 11 December 2015 to the ADR via the Academic Support Team Leader, Carol Miles, by e-mail or hard copy (room 321). Funds are limited and once the initial allocation has been made, later applications can be considered only if funds remain.

Priority is also given to those students whose admission forms indicated a likely need for support.

It may not always be possible to award the full cost of the training. In situations where a student’s needs are extensive, and where work for the MPhil/PhD is unable to proceed effectively until a language has been mastered, or acquired to a relevant level, it may be best to seek to defer entry to the research degree and look for funding to enable a year to be devoted exclusively to language learning.

Carol Miles
Team Leader, Academic Support - Arts and Humanities
School of Oriental and African Studies
London WC1H 0XG