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Notes on the Web Edition

To download your free copy of Burmese by ear

For the audio: download the zip file and unzip, copy the mp3 files to a computer, a memory stick, an mp3 player such as an iPod, or a CD. You will need about 330 MB of free space.

For the text: copy the pdf file to your computer or memory stick and print. You will need about 1 MB of freee space, and printing will need 109 sheets of A4 paper.

Format changes: audio

The audio for Burmese by ear, six hours of playing time, was originally issued on four cassette tapes. Now that mp3 players have virtually superseded cassette tape players the audio has been converted to mp3 format.

Neither the text nor the audio files have been changed to reflect the transfer from tape to mp3. So when you read or hear a reference to a particular tape, please understand it as referring to the corresponding track on the mp3 files. The new format makes it easier to find your place on the audio as each Lesson and each Section has its own track:

  • Track 1 Lesson 1.1
  • Track 2 Lesson 1.1 pronunciation
  • Track 3 Lesson 1.1 numbers
  • Track 4 Lesson 1.1 numbers pronunciation
  • Track 5 Lesson 1.2
  • Track 6 Lesson 1.2 pronunciation
  • Track 7 Lesson 1.2 numbers
  • Track 8 Lesson 1.2 numbers pronunciation
Format changes: text

The text for Burmese by ear was originally published as a booklet of vi+211 A5 pages. In order to simplify downloading and printing on different printers, the text has been reformatted for the web edition so that it will print two A5 pages side by side on iii+106 A4 sheets in landscape format.

To keep the sheets from getting out of order you may find it convenient to ask a copy shop to ring-bind the set along the top edge. You will then have a book of this shape, with even pages on the left and odd pages on the right:

Burmese By Ear Layout Diagram


If you don't have downloading facilities

You can obtain a copy of the audio on CD and the text ready printed and bound by writing to John Okell at You will be asked to pay for copying costs and postage.