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Black History Month

SOAS University of London is celebrating Black History Month with music, a series of talks, lectures, film screenings and panel events.

In addition, the SOAS Students’ Union will be hosting a Black History Month Takeover throughout October with a series of panel events, workshops, film screenings and debates. This includes:

‘Is it possible to decolonise the university?’ panel discussion – 17 October

Reni Eddo-Lodge in Conversation with Neheh Cherry – 18 October

Dealing with anti-blackness in non-black POC communities workshop – 22 October

The Centre of African Studies (CAS) will also be hosting a four-part documentary series, ‘Slavery Routes’, which examines the history of slavery and looks at how Africa ended up at the heart of the slavery route. The series is co-convened by SOAS scholar Dr Marie Rodet and will run 8-26 October.  CAS is also hosting BARAZA: Swahili studies conference at SOAS on 27 October and the seminar ‘African Freedom: Languages, Contexts, History’ on 22 October.

In addition, the Department of Music will be welcoming the musician Wiyaala as part of the SOAS Concert Series on 19 October.

Black History Month is held every October in Britain. The aims are to promote knowledge of black history and experience, circulate information on positive Black contributions to British Society, and heighten the confidence and awareness of black people in their cultural heritage.

SOAS Student Union

SOAS SU has put together an amazing programme of activities to celebrate Black History Month with a range of events from film screenings to talks and open forums. These events aim to celebrate literary excellence, poetry, music, films and address contemporary issues. For further details about the events, please visit SOAS SU Facebook Page.

Centre for African Studies:

The University of London's Centre of African Studies is the largest centre of expertise on Africa outside Africa. Founded in 1965 at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) where its administration is still based, the Centre has since 1991 assumed formal responsibility for co-ordinating, stimulating and promoting interdisciplinary study, research and discussion on Africa within the University; and promoting a wider awareness of African issues. 

Highlights of this year's Black History Month events include:

Slavery Routes Part 3: 1620 – 1789: From sugar to rebellion - 24 October 2018

Slavery Routes Part 4: From 1789 to 1888: The new frontiers of slavery - 26 October

African Freedom: Languages, Contexts, History - 22 October 2018

BARAZA: Swahili studies conference at SOAS - 27 October 2018

Wiyaala as part of the SOAS Concert Series - 19 October

CAS full events listing