The year 2016 will see many anniversaries of events that remind us of China’s turbulent revolutionary history. It will be exactly 100 years since President Yuan Shikai’s ill-fated attempt to declare himself Emperor and restore the monarchy; 90 years since the start of the Northern Expedition, which ended warlord rule and reunified China; 50 years since the start of the Cultural Revolution, which tore up the very fabric of Chinese society, and 40 years since the death of Mao Zedong. Since then, the economic and social changes that have taken place in China more recently have been revolutionary in their own right.

The SOAS China Institute will devote the 2016 China Debate to a discussion of the remnants of the many revolutions that continue to permeate life in China today, delving into the historical and cultural contexts that so often get overlooked, and aiming to acquire a deeper understanding of what drives the country forward.


The panel follows a Question Time format, and audience members are encouraged to submit a thought-provoking questions when registering.
?Moderator: Ms Carrie Gracie (BBC China Editor)
?Professor Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS)/ Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University )
?Mr Gordon Orr (Senior Advisor and former Chairman Asia – McKinsey)
?Sir David Tang (Founder of Shanghai Tang, China Club, Pacific Cigars, China Tang, I Correct and TangTangTangTang)


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