Gender Studies

Ours is an interdisciplinary approach that conducts research and teaching on areas of gender studies, feminist theory and sexuality studies in relation to Asia, Africa and the Middle East and their diasporas. 

A genuine understanding of gender and sexuality is increasingly important in today’s global society in terms of policy, law governance and cultural awareness.

As a student you will find yourself joining a community where analytical thinking is encouraged by our experts and your peers. We seek to promote interdisciplinary research – our experts undertake research in women’s, gender and sexuality studies with regards to African, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, alongside those versed in other disciplines including anthropology, development, law and languages and cultures.

Our research in action

Over three years, Dr Ruba Salih of SOAS Centre for Gender Studies has researched in communities of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, the West Bank and Jordan.

Findings will be used to create a list of policy recommendations ,to be shared with various stakeholders, such as the European Parliament, Chatham House, Palestinian refugee organisations and policy think-tanks.

Rather than seeing Palestinian refugees only in relation to their return, compensation or resettlement, or as victims of nation-states’, the research examined the daily life experiences of individuals of several generations – some for their entire lives.

SOAS alumni around the world

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Latest blogs


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