History of Art and Archaeology Postgraduate Study

We are unique in our coverage of the arts, archaeology, architecture and material culture of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, from ancient times to the present day. The range of teaching and the concentration of research specialists that you will find at SOAS is unparalleled anywhere in the UK.

Consider this with the fact that our central London location affords you easy access to the collections at the British Library, British Museum and our very own world-renowned SOAS Library, which houses over 1.2 million volumes.

Our research in action

Our broad coverage of the visual arts, architecture and material culture of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Spanning geographically from Japan to Morocco and chronologically over millennia, the Department’s range of teaching and research interests is unmatched. No other British, European or American university provides the variety it offers for the study of Asian, African and Middle Eastern art.

In our latest research we used various techniques developed by archaeologists and art historians to study the connections between Islamic, Christian, Jewish and other religious and ethnic groups in this region during the Middle Ages.

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