Raman Mundair: I live in Shetland

Raman Mundair, poet, author, playwright
Author photograph credit - Laurence Winram  www.lwinram.com
Shetland Island, Scotland

Western Voe of Sumburgh, Shetland                  Photo (c) Reading Tom

I live in Shetland. I am a Black woman in the middle of the North Sea, raising wild children in a wild place where the winds can be so strong, you can’t stand up. If the weather is bad, your boat literally doesn’t come in and the shelves in the local shops lay bare. Here, I am confronted with the fact that although I feel married to the landscape and committed to my relationship with the natural world, the human ‘natives’ don’t always recognise me as a fellow species, let alone local.


“Where are you from?”


“No, where are you really from? Originally?”

 From:  ‘Your Land is My Land:  Perspectives from an Immigrant’, Bella Caledonia, 5 January 2018 by Raman Mundair), SOAS alumna.  Read the full article

Raman Mundair (SOAS, BA History, 1995), poet, writer, artist and playwright, is author of two volumes of poetry:

  • A Choreographer’s Cartography 
  • Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves – both published by Peepal Tree Press.
  • The Algebra of Freedom (a play) published by Aurora Metro Press.

“Raman Mundair is a rare breed: a poet whose writing works on the page and the stage. Her readings reveal the secret music of the poem… Mundair is literature at its best: thoughtful, provocative and sharp.”  The Independent

For details of her award-winning career, including a 2013-14 Leverhulme artist in residency and other projects.

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