Clearing: Scholarship opportunity in Economics or History

Clearing 2018, Economics or History degrees, scholarship available
Credit: Maëlis Monnier

Students with A Level grades A*AA or higher are eligible to apply for the Academic Excellence Scholarship for study in either Economics, History or a combined BA Economics and History degree.

This wonderful opportunity is open to students who accept their place in clearing or adjustment and who complete their enrolment of a place for September 2018.

What does the Scholarship cover, I hear you ask…

The Scholarship represents a cash payment of £7,000 for the first year; a further £7,000 if the first year is completed with the grade of a first overall; and a final £7,000 if the second year is completed with the grade of a first overall.

The full list of eligibility criteria is available here.


Clearing 2018

Early Clearing runs from 5 July to 30 July.  Main Clearing begins on 16 August, which is A Levels Results Day, and runs until mid-October.  SOAS runs a designated hotline, the number for which will be published here in due course. To be eligible to enter Clearing you will need to have completed a UCAS application.



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