Valerie Amos and guests at the alumni dinner in Lagos

Lagos is a city that is constantly on the move. Night and day it teems with frenetic energy; the smells of joloff rice, plantain and Igbin (African snails) flood the streets, which are themselves awash with the sounds of car horns, music and laughter.

Well last week, SOAS helped bring a bit of glitz ‘n’ glamour to the bustling nightlife of Nigeria’s cultural and economic powerhouse.

Over 200 alumni from or based in the country turned up alongside many other notable Nigerians such as Wole Soyinka, the celebrated poet and writer.

Since SOAS opened its doors 100 years ago around 450 Nigerians have studied here. Including many high profile alumni, such as Toyin Saraki, philanthropist and the Founder/President of Wellbeing Foundation Africa; and Justices Karibi- Whyte and Mohammed Uwais – both titans of the Nigerian legal system.

The night, in addition to providing a chance for SOAS alumni to connect, doubled up as an opportunity for SOAS to launch its ‘Questions worth asking’ campaign in Africa.

Here’re some of the top picks of the night:



















Nigerian dance troupe perform in Lagos

The crowd were warmed up with some seriously good local entertainment




















Valerie Amos addresses the alumni event in Lagos

“Good evening, Lagos. Tonight we celebrate 100 years of SOAS’s engagement with Nigeria and Africa.” Valerie Amos addressed the crowd up ahead of the first panel session















SOAS Director Valerie Amos with alumna Toyin Saraki

SOAS Director Valerie Amos with alumna Toyin Saraki








Wole Soyinka in Lagos at SOAS alumni event

The audience lingered on every word uttered by the inimitable Wole Soyinka








The attendees had a chance to pose their #questionsworthasking








Young SOAS alumni out in Lagos

Some of our more recent alumni








Selfies with Toyin Saraki

Attendees were eager to have a snap with philanthropist and SOAS alumna Toyin Saraki


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