Afifa - Religions and Philosophies

I am currently in my first year, studying a BA Study in Religions. I have to say, we have the most interesting discussions, there’s nothing too serious to it because it’s all open to one’s interpretation and that is a real beauty in studying religions.

I am very passionate about religions, as I would really like to teach the study of religions to university students one day. I have joined the Islamic Society, Christian Union and the Christian – Muslim Dialogue Society, to actively be involved with faiths and engage with them in such a way that is not available in a curriculum. Learning is not always done in an academic setting and these religious societies also help me gain extra knowledge and gain a different perspectives.

I also have a non academic side: I am a qualified Basic Archery Instructor, and I absolutely love it. I haven’t been doing archery so much, but I’m hoping to join a club as a teacher. In addition, I also love horses. Again, I’m not fully involved with horses on a daily basis, but I am hoping to do some voluntary work at a riding school. With these two adventures on a bucket list, I’d one day actually like to combine the two activities and indulge in horseback archery in the countryside.


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