Undergraduate study

Undergraduate degrees at SOAS University of London are designed with the needs of students as the driving factor. Here you will get to design your own intellectual journey – we offer a flexible module structure meaning you can be as specialised or as diverse in your options as you wish. At SOAS, you will get to study complex matters in both breadth and depth, developing your analytical abilities and critical thinking.


Anthropology is a discipline that bridges the gap between the humanities and the social sciences. It draws on and is in conversation with religion and philosophy, history, cultural and media studies, and literature on the one side, and sociology and politics on the other

Creative Arts

Designed for students wishing to develop a critical and theoretically informed approach to the arts and the cultural industries. This interdisciplinary degree gives insight into the varied forms of artistic expressions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Development Studies

Development Studies programmes at SOAS provide the highest standard of teaching and learning for students with a passion for addressing the major issues and challenges facing today’s global community. Duration: 3 or 4 years when combined with a language. alex


Economics, as a discipline, probes the mechanism of society and explains the factors and processes that underpin production, exchange and distribution in order to effectively inform economic policy, as well as to understand the consequences of economic and social wellbeing.

English Studies

English at SOAS takes a common degree and makes it extraordinary. Our expertise in Asia, Africa and the Middle East brings new voices and an international relevance to the discipline. Our vision is interrogative, committed to research and teaching across the humanities.

Film Studies

Few places in the world offer anything close to the concentration of creative artists that you will find in London. The close links we have cultivated with industry and the unprecedented access you will have to world-renowned music halls, concerts, screenings and studios will keep you constantly inspired and help you unlock your creative potential.

Finance and Management

With a unique regional focus on the economies, businesses and organisations in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, SOAS offers its students a first rate academic experience that explores the major issues in finance and management from an international perspective.

Global Liberal Arts

For ambitious and intellectually curious students who don’t want to be tied down to traditional single disciplines. It’s a carefully structured inter-disciplinary programme which allows you to explore a range of subjects from arts and humanities to languages and social sciences.


From the Crusades to the contemporary Middle East; slavery to Muslim societies in West Africa; modern China to modern Japan. History at SOAS offers a window to develop your understanding of the fascinating histories of Africa, Asia and the Middle East

History of Art and Archaeology

From performance masquerade in West Africa to visual cultures in China and Japan; the archaeology of Morocco and Ethiopia to the temples of South East Asia and the book cultures of South Asia, our programmes cover a plurality of themes and approaches.

Languages and Cultures

SOAS represents the most substantial concentration of expertise dedicated to the languages and cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East in the entire Western world, giving students of these programmes a distinctive position to analyse, understand and explain this world.


In an increasingly interconnected world, law is no longer the preserve of single jurisdictions and national borders. At SOAS, we address this head on by providing our students with a unique educational experience that equips you with a distinctive set of skills far beyond what is offered by more traditional Law Schools – equipping you with a passport to a wide range of careers.


How do the world’s languages vary and what do they have in common? How do humans acquire languages? And what causes languages to die? These are some of the questions with which you will grapple studying for a degree in linguistics at SOAS. Our expert staff have all undertake regular fieldwork trips to describe and document the languages they teach.


The teaching of music at SOAS recognises no geographical, cultural or social boundaries: however, you will study in particular depth the music of specific regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as the African diaspora including Cuba. You will also study at least one instrument or vocal style from these or related regions, learning directly from one of our expert teachers.


Politics at SOAS has a student body that is internationally renowned for its engagement with the major political issues of our time. SOAS is one of the most exciting universities in the world to learn about politics and international relations with a focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Religions and Philosophies

The study of religions and philosophies has been an integral part of our 100 year history. We bring the most contemporary thought and understanding related to philosophical thought and religious beliefs and how they have come to bear on all aspects of the world today.


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