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Music is a universal means of human artistic and cultural expression, essential for the well-being of individuals and communities throughout the world.

The teaching of music at SOAS recognises no geographical, cultural or social boundaries: however, you will study in depth the music of specific regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as the African diaspora, including Cuba. You will also study at least one instrument or vocal style from these or related regions, learning directly from one of our expert teachers.

No other university in the world offers such a range of teaching or such a concentration of research specialists in these areas.

Explore our undergraduate options below:

Nick Mulvey, music at SOAS

Two time Mercury Prize nominated musician Nick Mulvey graduated with a BA in Music Studies. Read more

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We’re ranked 61 in the world and 13 in the UK for Arts & Humanities in the Times Higher Education Subject Rankings

This programme is a unique opportunity to study the musical traditions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and their global diasporas.

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The nature of the Combined Honours degree enables you to develop a specialist niche for yourself by studying a second subject.

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Offers a unique programme that allows students to focus on popular and contemporary music styles and cultures in global perspective.

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This programme is designed for students wishing to develop a critical and theoretically informed approach to the arts and the cultural industries.

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Prepares students for entry onto an undergraduate programme at SOAS. During the Foundation Year, students take modules on academic practice, working with numbers, digital skills and technology, topical global issues and cultural fluency.

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Graduate Destinations:

Music students leave SOAS with intercultural awareness and an understanding of global music as well as vocational skills including sound recording, radio presenting, editing, and competency in a wide range of performance styles.

Graduates will have gained competency in one or more world music performance traditions, intercultural awareness and an understanding of global music. Familiarity with a specific region will have been developed through the study of its music. Examples are given from the past two years destinations:

  • AKTC
  • Davies Arnold Cooper LLP
  • PPP Company Limited
  • Fundamental Frequency Productions
  • Golden Feathers – Alice Myth
  • Indigenous People
  • Music For Change
  • T&T Productions
  • Whitefield School
  • DfID World Music Matters

Class of 2017: Six months after completing their studies

In Work 59%
Studying 24%
Other 18%

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