Religion and Philosophy Undergraduate Degrees

The religions and the philosophical systems of the world’s cultures have been powerful, dynamic and enduring forces throughout human history, exercising enormous influence on the formation, development and contemporary expressions of global political, economic, cultural and moral social systems.

A culture’s religion and philosophical thought encapsulates its people’s values and ideas, sets forward their role models and is integrally related to a sense of identity for many. So in studying religions and/or philosophies, one is studying how people reflect on and react to what they consider to be of ultimate significance and value.

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We’re ranked 8 in the UK and 28 in the world for Study of Religions in the QS World University Rankings 2019

“It’s all open to one’s interpretation and that is a real beauty in studying religions” Read more

It was in the ancient Near East more than 5000 years ago that people first learned to live in cities, invented writing and developed the first high civilisations.

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The nature of the Combined Honours degree enables you to develop a specialist niche for yourself by studying a second subject.

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This degree will suit high-performing students with a global outlook, an interest in diverse philosophical traditions and cultural parameters of non-Western societies, coupled with an aptitude in intellectual history and critical thought.

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The nature of the Combined Honours degree enables you to develop a specialist niche for yourself by studying a second subject.

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Prepares students for entry onto an undergraduate programme at SOAS. During the Foundation Year, students take modules on academic practice, working with numbers, digital skills and technology, topical global issues and cultural fluency.

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Graduate Destinations

Graduates leave SOAS with an important understanding of peoples’ different culture, history and beliefs concerning fundamental issues. Graduates are equipped with a portfolio of widely transferable skills which employers seek, including: the ability to research, amass and order information from a variety of sources, often both in the original or other relevant languages; analytical skills to assess critically the materials relevant to a specific issue; written and oral communication skills to present, discuss and debate opinions and conclusions; and problem solving skills. Examples are given from the past two years destinations:

  • Baobab Centre
  • Luton Borough Council
  • Clarion Communications Shi’ah Institute
  • Edelman St Luke’s Hospice
  • Faversham House Group
  • The Inter Faith Network for the UK
  • King’s College Hospital
  • NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Class of 2017: Six months after completing their studies

In Work 50%
Studying 50%
Work and Study 0%
Other 0%

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