Religions and Philosophies Undergraduate Study

Religions have been powerful, dynamic and enduring forces throughout human history, having exercised enormous influence on the formation and development of global political, economic, cultural, moral and philosophical systems.

Equally, the study of religions and philosophies has been an integral part of SOAS’ 100 year history, which has led to our studying a wider range of traditions in more depth than any other programme in the field anywhere in the world: Buddhism in nearly all its doctrinal and regional varieties, Christianity in Asia, Africa and the Middle East; Hinduism, Islam; Jainism; Judaism; Shinto Taoism and Zoroastrianism can all be studied here.

Undergraduate Religions and Philosophies Degrees

92% Teaching satisfaction

92% satisfaction in teaching in Religions and Philosophies, National Student Survey 2016

90% Overall satisfaction

90% Overall satisfaction in Religions and Philosophies, National Student Survey 2016

Graduate Destinations

Students leave SOAS with the ability to think critically and with well-honed skills in analysis – and this, coupled with the strong sense of social justice our students are well known for – is why SOASians go on to pursue careers that make a real difference.
Examples are given from the past two years destinations.
  • Baobab Centre
  • Luton Borough Council
  • Clarion Communications Shi’ah Institute
  • Edelman St Luke’s Hospice
  • Faversham House Group
  • The Inter Faith Network for the UK
  • King’s College Hospital
  • NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Class of 2016: Six months after completing their studies

In work 44%
In study 38%
Other 19%

SOAS alumni around the world

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