Kyriaki.LLB Law..If you want to be a citizen of the world, SOAS is the place for you. By joining our university you will become more open minded as well as have the opportunity to encounter a palette of individuals in a holistic approach who have extraordinary backgrounds that will enrich your life in their own special way. Since SOAS is not a huge scale university, there is a sense of unity, camaraderie and a family atmosphere to be found. You will meet people of other subjects and bump into them daily without having to trek around a massive campus. An added bonus is that SOAS is in the heart of London, which means everything is a tube ride away and within arms reach whether it be the British Museum (which is next door!) to Oxford Street which is a few stops away on the tube!..Studying Law at SOAS gives you an entirely different perspective to that of any other university. Primarily, due to the fact that it gives you a well rounded global sense of legal institutions not solely based in Europe but in the world all over. Keeping in mind that we are becoming more and more global as time goes by this is a priceless tool that will make you desirable to any future employer.


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