SOAS University of London

Centre of Buddhist Studies

The purpose of the Centre of Buddhist Studies is:
  • to act and serve as a medium for promoting by all available means the study of and research into various areas of Buddhist Studies within the School of Oriental and African Studies.
  • to initiate, encourage, support and co-ordinate in a constructive way all activities which directly and indirectly lead to the advancement of Buddhist Studies within the School.
  • to provide a forum for an intellectual community bound by common interests in Buddhist Studies and composed of SOAS academic staff and students, and intellectuals and academics from other academic institutions and Buddhist affiliations.
  • to strengthen the School's reputation and active engagement in the field of Buddhist Studies both nationally and internationally.
  • to collaborate with other institutions in the areas relating to Buddhist Studies.
Primary Activities of the Centre

The Centre remains open to all activities conducive to the advancement of Buddhist Studies at SOAS, but its immediate focus is on the following areas:

  • Encouragement and promotion of academic research and publications in the field of Buddhist Studies.
  • Establishment and support of an MA programme in Buddhist Studies.
  • Expansion of postgraduate research.
  • Regular seminar series on Buddhist topics under the name of The Buddhist Forum.
  • Internal, national and international workshops, seminars and conferences on topics relating to Buddhism.
  • Collaboration with the SOAS Library for the purpose of enhancing the teaching and research resources on Buddhism.
  • National and international contacts and collaboration with institutions and centres involved in Buddhist Studies.


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