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Reading the medieval Buddhist manuals for the ritual of enthronement (sokuihô)

Dr. Ikuyo Matsumoto (Yokohama City University)

Date: 21 February 2018Time: 10:00 AM

Finishes: 21 February 2018Time: 1:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: MB116

Type of Event: Seminar


We will read a selection of passages from the manuals of abhiseka for the emperor compiled by monks of the Shingon lineages.*


Ikuyo Matsumoto is Associate Professor of Japanese Cultural History and Medieval Japanese History at Yokohama City University. Her current research interests address the development of a culture of religious secrecy in medieval Japan as expressed through visual images and texts. 

Dr. Matsumoto has published widely on medieval Buddhist rituals, including: Chûsei ôken to sokui kanjô: Shogyô no naka no rekishi jujutsu (“Royal Authority in Medieval Japan and the Enthronement Initiation Ritual: Historical Evidence from Buddhist Scriptures”), Tokyo: Shinwasha, 2005; Ten'nô no sokui girei to shinbutsu (“The Emperor's Ascension Rituals and the Kami and Buddhas”),Tokyo: Yoshikawa kobunkan, 2017; Girei no chikara: Chûsei shûkyô no jissen sekai (“The Power of Ritual: The World of Religious Practice in Medieval Japan”),co-ed., Kyoto: Hozokan, 2010. Other publications include Fûzoku kaiga no bunkagaku ("Cultural Studies of Genre Paintings"), 3 vols, co-ed., Kyoto: Shibunkaku, 2009, 2012, 2014 and a database of classical maps from the archives of Yokohama City University, which includes some Bonreki (Buddhist calendar) Maps.

* The seminar is free but participants should be familiar with Japanese. 

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