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International Association of Buddhist Studies

The International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS) is a learned society dedicated to promoting and supporting scholarship in Buddhist Studies in a spirit of non-sectarian tolerance and with scientific research and communication as preeminent objectives.

The UK Association for Buddhist Studies

The UK Association for Buddhist Studies aims to act as a focus for Buddhist Studies in the UK. UKABS is open to academics, post-graduates, and unaffiliated Buddhist scholars, as well as interested Buddhist practitioners.

British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS)

The British Association of Chinese Studies is a non-political organisation which has a membership of well over 200 individuals whose interests relate to greater China, drawn mainly from the academic community but also from industry, the media and government.

The Pali Text Society

The Society was founded in 1881 by T.W. Rhys Davids "to foster and promote the study of Pāli texts". It publishes Pāli texts in roman characters, translations in English and ancillary works including dictionaries, a concordance, books for students of Pāli and a journal. Most of the classical texts and commentaries have now been edited and many works translated into English.

International Dunhuang Project

The International Dunhuang Project is a unique international collaboration concerned with making information and images of more than 100,000 manuscripts, paintings, textiles and artefacts from Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites freely available to all. Information available from the IDP site is continually updated and therefore offers a rich source of information about religion, art, history, politics, trade, science, culture and social life on the Eastern Silk Road around the first millennium AD.

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