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Centre's Chair:

Dr Lucia Dolce

Centre Chair

Professor Lucia Dolce
Lucia Dolce
Japanese religious history, especially the medieval period; Japanese Tantric Buddhism and the esotericisation of religious practice; Millenarian writings and prophecy; Kami-Buddhas associations
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  • Room: 342
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Committee Members

Dr Christian Luczanits
Committee Member
Christian Luczanits

Premodern Indian and Tibetan Buddhist art and its context

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  • Room: 585
  • Academic Support Hours: Thursdays 10:00am-11:00am and 3:00pm-4:00pm
Professor Ulrich Pagel
Committee Member
Ulrich Pagel-REL IMG 485 186 56

History of Buddhism in Tibet, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Kanjur Studies, Vinaya, Religions of Central Asia, Tibetan, Sanskrit. 

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  • Room: Room 343
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Professor Peter Flügel
Peter Flügel

Jaina Studies; South Asian History & Culture; Anthropology & Sociology of Religion

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  • Room: 341
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Dr Nathan W. Hill
Nathan Hill

Tibetan language from Old Tibetan to Modern Standard Tibetan; Tibetan historical and biographical literature; historical, descriptive and corpus linguistics, in particular with reference to Tibetan or other Tibeto-Burman/Sino-Tibetan languages; Chinese minorities; Mongolian

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  • Academic Support Hours: On leave until 2022

Dr Peter D. Sharrock
Peter Sharrock
He is now focusing on the evidence in Indochina for the influence of tantric or esoteric Buddhism, developed in the great monasteries of the Ganges valley and diffused and developed in different ways through much of Asia.
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Professor Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson

Southeast Asian arts, aesthetics, literatures and cultural histories, with a focus on Cambodia, from the Angkorian to the post-Angkorian to the contemporary; Theravadin Buddhist arts, literatures and ritual; cultural heritage; sexual difference; deconstruction; memory and textuality.

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  • Room: 463
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Professor Louise Tythacott
Louise Tythacott

Chinese and Buddhist art in museums; history of Yuanmingyuan (or ‘Summer Palace’) collections; museology; colonialism and material culture; post-colonial critiques of museum representations; history and theory of collecting; art and anthropology.

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  • Room: 505
  • Academic Support Hours: On research leave from September 2022-June 2023

Research Associates

Research Student Members

Mr Kulamitra David Zukas
Research Student Member
Kulamitra Zukas

I’m interested in what material remains reveal of the life of early Buddhists. I'm revealing networks of smaller hermitages and monastic rock-shelters in-between three major early rock-cut Buddhist monasteries.

Post-Doctoral Fellows