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What you've said about us

Here are some comments from students who have visited the SOAS Careers Service for one to one sessions or who have attended one of our events: 

Comments about our one to one sessions

  • The session was really helpful. Thank you!
  • The careers adviser was so friendly, nice, helpful and encouraging!
  • [It was] nice to see that the careers adviser was enthusiastic and interested in what I am doing and hoping to achieve.
  • [They] helped me identify some problem areas that I can improve on for my future interviews.
  • Very friendly and good advice.
  • Useful brainstorming for me.
  • Very helpful CV check with relevant comments made.
  • Well informed about different industries and various jobs.
  • Thank you!
  • Really, really useful!
  • Thank you so much for your help with [my] application. I appreciate your time, expertise, advice and encouragement!
  • Thank you so much for all the help! From the CV Checks and initial discussions to the extended interview practice, SOAS Careers Service proved an invaluable resource. Thanks for helping me secure my ideal job!
  • I appreciated the personalised approach of the adviser, who was friendly, patient and had clearly researched about the organisation and my past experiences.

Comments about our employer-led events

  • Very impressed; different from the presentations I've attended on the topic.
  • Well presented; engaging presenter.
  • Excellent speakers; a lot of time to ask questions.
  • Very friendly, informative and encouraging. Thank you!
  • Good group size.
  • Presenter very approachable.
  • Good inside info.
  • Very well done.
  • Presentation was very detailed and covered all queries I had in mind.
  • Thought the presentation was very informative and helpful.
  • Very helpful, feel like I learnt a lot and given an insight into what kind of information employers are looking for when conducting interviews. Very grateful to have been exposed to this prep before the real thing, showed me what kind of preparation, thinking and research I need to do in advance. Friendly, encouraging and inspiring. Thank you!

Comments about our careers adviser-led workshops

  • Good handouts.
  • Thought it was well organised, good timing, and liked that we have something to take away.
  • Clear and useful - to the point. Very good!
  • The careers adviser was lovely!
  • Thanks for a really useful session - I put some of your advice into practice at an event last night and I found it had been a real help to have been to your networking session earlier in the day - it just helped me pluck up the courage to talk to people! So thanks!

Comments about our fairs and forums

  • Best attended and organised fair about volunteering I’ve been to.
  • This was great! I like especially the time allotted for networking at the end.
  • Really good panel. Very inspiring.
  • Very good. Interesting!
  • Excellent – highly informative and entertaining!
  • Very useful!
  • It was great!
  • Very well organised.
  • It really was  an exceptionally good event and the calibre of students was tremendous.

If you have visited the Careers Service or have attended one of our events and would like to give some feedback, please take a look at the 'Give us your feedback' page to learn how you can leave us a comment too!