SOAS University of London

Lingesh Thayala

My SOAS experience has been nothing less than a great and memorable time.

Year graduated from SOAS

Programme studied
BSc Economics

Current job title, name of organisation and country of work
Audit Associate, Ernst & Young, Malaysia

What do you like about what you do?
With the job I am in, I have the opportunity to work alongside many companies from a variety of industries.

My role includes:

  • Understanding and analysing accounts of different companies.
  • Getting exposed to a variety of industries through one job.
  • Working in a very intense environment which is rewarding due to the steep learning curve.
  • Meeting a lot of finance managers from many established companies.

It would interest students in SOAS who mainly are pursuing BSc Economics. There is no prior knowledge needed in accounting and take it from me, you can cope with it if you are willing to explore this area. It is not a bed of roses, some may find the job rewarding and some may feel otherwise but no matter what, the audit environment teaches you a lot and gives you a good financial foundation to propel further on in the future.

How has your time at SOAS helped you succeed in this role?
My SOAS experience has been nothing less than a great and memorable time. The opportunities in SOAS by getting involved with relevant societies should be taken as this build character and character is what takes you forward in life. The diversity of people through conversations and points of view has been enriching as it has challenged the way I think and this has spilled over at the work place.

Can you give current students any tips on getting into this kind of work?
A degree in Economics presents you with a wide range of options. Aim to do internships to find out what you want to do by your 2nd year latest. If you have an interest in building a financial foundation and not get too specialised in a certain area this is the role for you as it exposes you to a wide array of industries.

This is one job that you need to put in the long hours and if you are willing to build a good work culture of that nature, this is a great place for that. As mentioned, a job like this may not be suited for everyone, but it is a good option for someone who wants a more broader approach to start their career path upon graduation.