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Making decisions

Making decisions is a process that is different for each individual. Some people like to collect as much information as possible before deciding while others are comfortable with making decisions with little information. Some people make decisions intuitively, others like to discuss matters with friends or advisers and some rely on formal thinking tools to weigh their choices. None of the ways is right or wrong and you should go ahead with whatever way you find natural and comfortable.

The following actions might be useful at this stage:

  • Targetjobs Planner - a careers planning tool to start you on your job hunt
  • CareerPlanner - a preference questionnaire linking to some career suggestions
  • How to choose a career - a detailed and informative page on choosing a career created by the University of Kent Careers & Employability Service
  • Read career self-help books. These are kept at the Careers Service - to view the collection, see our online catalogue
  • Come and see a careers consultant during a guidance appointment