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Interests & aspirations

Do you know what kinds of jobs generate your interest? Are you aware of your aspirations? To want a particular career, there must be 'something' about a job that appeals to you. Understanding and articulating your interests, motivations, priorities and capabilities should help you to make satisfactory career choices.

Have a look at Your Career Lifeline to start your thinking.

The following tools give you feedback on the type of person you are and the types of work that might be of interest to you:

  • Career Planner - a preference questionnaire linking to some career suggestions.
  • Windmills Interactive - exercises to help you think about your skills and priorities.
  • icould MBTI Test - a fun, quick MBTI test that sheds light on the types of jobs you would suited for.
  • icould Sector Search - a database of videos and articles on all types of sectors.
  • Career self-help books providing useful exercises and ideas are available at the Careers Service. A list of our books can be found in our online catalogue.