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SOAS’s student population includes international students from more than 140 countries and our careers resources are just as diverse as our student body. Take a look here at some great resources!

Internal SOAS pages

External sites

  • Work Visas (UK) - an informative site with information on working in the UK
  • UKCISA (The Council for International Education) - invaluable and extremely useful site offering a wealth of information and clarification on UK employment and immigration law, as well as advice on postgraduate study
  • Prospects - masses of useful material for international students

Explaining International Qualifications to Employers

Not all employers will understand how your qualifications compare to UK ones. There is no official list of how UK grades or tariff points compare with other countries' qualifications so it is not possible to convert your grades into UCAS points. However, you can get a general comparison of your qualification with UK qualifications from the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the UK (NARIC). Please note that there is a charge if you require a written assessment of your international qualifications and NARIC cannot convert your scores for overseas qualifications into UCAS points.

If an employer asks for UCAS points, list your actual qualifications and grades (explaining your grade in context, e.g. 1, top grade on scale 1-5 or by giving a % score too). If completing an online application form either telephone the company to ask what they want you to do or use the 'note' or 'additional information' section to explain. NARIC have an advice line for simple queries from students - call +44 (0)871 330 7033 for any assistance.

We also have information for current international students available on MySOAS Student. If you are unable to access this, please contact the SOAS Careers on 020 7898 4115 or email