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Work experience & internships

Work experience & internships

At SOAS we strongly encourage our students to undertake internships. Students’ careers are enriched by the experience while employers can benefit from the specialist skills that our students can bring. Internship opportunities can be of any duration and can span a range of types of roles so long as they fit in with the academic year and work round students’ academic commitments. Internships can be offered at any time, though most usually outside of term time, providing companies with an opportunity to get additional support throughout the year or for a concentrated period of time. We only advertise opportunities which offer at least the national minimum wage.  

Types of internships
  • Paid internships of 3-6 month duration are advertised through both the SOAS Careers Service and JobOnline.
  • Paid internships include those part-funded by the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme
  • SOAS Micro Placement opportunities: 2 week work placements taken after exams in the penultimate year of a course and can be either paid or unpaid. We are currently piloting this in nine departments. Please contact us to see if your department is included for 2015-6.

How do I find an internship?

Finding internships must be a largely proactive process on your behalf, however we can offer support and resources to help your search.

To see current SOAS exclusive vacancies as well as a whole range of resources including jobs boards go to our SOAS Careers Moodle page. The vacancies are being constantly updated, but you shouldn’t just be limited to these in your search. The resource lists have hundreds of vacancies on 
their jobs boards.

  • JobOnline has thousands of vacancies including internships every week. You can set yourself up alerts to receive emails when relevant vacancies are posted.
  • Graduate Gateway advertises internships for University of London students
  • If you are having trouble getting an internship at your ideal company, let them know that you may be eligible for an exclusive Santander Grant

Think about your networks whether they be professional, academic or even personal, you never know who may have contacts that can help you in finding an internship.

Students looking to get a placement in a very competitive sector may have to approach employers directly. This is known as making a speculative application which involves approaching an organisation about the possibility of working for them. Please look at our website for advice on making speculative applications or 
you can also contact the Careers Service for more advice.

How do I prepare?

We know how tough it is out there, so the careers consultants are here to make sure you are as prepared as you can be. They can help you with CV checks, help on how to write a cover letter and applications, practise interviews and long careers discussion. We offer students 15 minute appointments Monday to Friday which you can book on the day only by calling or visiting in person. SOAS students interested in finding a placement should first check our current list of SOAS exclusive internship opportunities on the Moodle.

Need more advice?

Please contact us on or come along to our Internship Guidance sessions on Wednesdays between 2pm-4pm in Room SL57.

Benefits of internships for students

  • You can develop personal, vocational and transferable skills.
  • It can help you decide on your career pathway.
  • It can help you build your self-confidence.
  • It will enhance your employability by gaining valuable relevant work experience
  • It will help expand and build your professional network by making contacts in your chosen field.
  • You will gain knowledge through practical experience in your chosen field.
  • You get the chance to apply the theory you have learned on your course to a real-life practical context.
  • There may be a potential to build a long term career.
  • You get the opportunity to earn as you learn.

For a even more resources related to internships and work experience, visit The Careers Group website