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Careers Service

Long appointments

Practice interview (45 min)

Practice interviews offer you the opportunity to discuss interviews in more depth and receive feedback and tips on your interview performance.They are available by appointment only and have to be booked 48 hours in advance so that the careers consultant has time to prepare questions for you. Before an appointment can be booked, you will have to have a job interview lined up. 

You will have to fill in a Practice Interview Form and submit this together with a copy of your application and any details about the job either in person or by email

Appointments are available Monday to Friday. However, please check the availability with the Careers Service as soon as you know your interview date, as appointment slots can get fully booked at certain times of the year.

Students are also able to access our new Online Interview Simulator. Please note: SOAS login details will be required to access on the system online. If you are a graduate, please email for further details. 

Careers discussion (45 min)

A longer careers discussion is by referral from a Quick Query session. If the careers consultant thinks, after having a 15 minute appointment, that a longer discussion is the best way to help you, he or she will give you a confidential Careers Discussion form to complete. Filling in the form is part of the guidance process, so please think carefully about your answers. 

When you return the completed form, we will book you an appointment. Appointments are available Monday to Friday and they can be booked in person or by email.