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Workshops on topics related to career planning, key skills and job applications run on Tuesdays in the Careers Seminar Room, SL62 throughout the year. These workshops provide the opportunity for learning in a group environment and cover issues around planning careers both in an academic environment and beyond, making connections and applying successfully for jobs.

Spring Term

Tues 23rd Jan 1-3pm Presentation skills I - Theory (with DS- Yenn)

This workshop aimed at Doctoral Researchers focuses on developing presentation skills. The workshop is run in two separate sessions. The first part (this session) covers theoretical ground and will provide you with a number of useful tips about putting presentations together and delivery. The second session (a week later) is practical - you will be required to prepare a short presentation about your research, on which you will get feedback. To be able to attend this practical part, you are required to attend the first (theoretical) part.

Bookings now open.

Tues 30th Jan 1-3pm Presentation skills II - Practice (with DS-Yenn)

This is a second part of the workshop on Presentation Skills for Doctoral Researchers. It provides you with an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge about presentation skills into practice in a safe environment. You will be required to give a short (5 min) PowerPoint presentation about your PhD research – you need to prepare this in advance. You will be given feedback on your performance by your peers and the workshop leaders. Only students who attended the first part of the workshop will be able to attend this second part. 

Tues 6th Feb 1-3pm Networking Skills

Networking is a crucial skill in career progression and in building understanding of different fields of work.  This workshop examines different approaches to networking with the aim of viewing it as a positive activity. The session looks at how to network more effectively and confidently. It explores reasons why building a good network can be helpful and important to your career, different kinds of activities and interactions which might constitute networking, and considers which networking approaches suit individuals best. This session will be a useful preparation for attending the Academic Careers Networking Event on Tuesday 27th February.

Bookings now open.

Tues 27th Feb 5-7pm Academic Careers Networking Event

What is required for a successful academic career?  The most obvious factors are the ability to carry out good research and to teach, but there are many others that are less obvious.  These can often only be discovered by hearing from people who are engaged with the profession. Alongside this, building a good network can be vital to career success. This event will include a panel discussion and the opportunity to network with academics from SOAS and elsewhere.

Bookings will open 6th Feb

Tues 6th March 1-3pm Career Planning for Professional Research Related Roles

Your PhD provides you with in-depth knowledge of your field and a wide range of research skills, and also with a number of transferrable skills. All of these may be very useful if you decide to pursue a career beyond academia. In this workshop we will explore various tools for making career decisions, discuss how your current skills can be useful in a range of professional careers, how PhD graduates are viewed by employers outside of academia, and where to look for opportunities.

Bookings will open 13th Feb

Tues 13th March 1-3pm Applications and CVs for Professional Research Related Roles

The ways in which CVs, application forms and covering letters are constructed will vary greatly depending on the type of job, the experience of the candidate and the country of application.  This workshop will examine how to determine what a recruiter looks for and how to target your own skills and experience to that role.  It will also look at different styles of CV and application forms and how these differ between academia and professional roles related to research.  N.B. the focus will be on applications and CVs outside of academia.  Academic applications and CVs are covered in other workshops.

Bookings will open 20th Feb


To book a place on an event, you will need to click on the event link that takes you to our new careers management system, Budiriro. If it is your first time, you will be redirected to the portal and once in the system you will be asked to update your profile. This will allow you to receive information and opportunities targeted to your current preferences. Please note: you will only need to do this once, and is separate to Careers Registration data that you were asked to complete at enrolment.

The registration for each workshop will open about 2-3 weeks before the date and you will be notified by email.