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What is the Graduate Outcomes Survey?

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is a statutory HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) survey to find out what graduates are doing in their professional lives after leaving University. It replaces the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey which used to be done at six months, and is now administered at fifteen months post completion of studies.

The survey takes ten minutes to complete and you will be asked questions about what your activities have been post-graduating from your course, in which ways your course has helped prepare you for your role now, and how meaningful you find what it is you're doing now.

What does this mean for me?

Fifteen months after you finish your exams and complete your studies at SOAS, you will be sent an invitation to complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey. This invitation will be sent either via email, phone, or post depending on which contact details we have of yours. 

Completion of studies Date of survey 
June 2018 September 2019
September 2018 December 2019
June 2019 September 2020
September 2019 June 2020
June 2020 September 2021
September 2020 June 2021

It is a legal requirement for SOAS that all graduates are asked what they are doing via this survey, which involves an online or telephone questionnaire. You will be asked about work, study, travel or other activities, and how your degree helped prepare you for your current role.

Data is shared on an aggregated basis, so no individuals are identifiable in any information SOAS publishes. It is used to help current students understand what careers could be available to them, supports Departments identify how academic experiences can be linked to the job market, and is used to assist prospective students making choices with courses.

SOAS Careers have been reaching out via the Careers newsletter and alumni channels, and you may get further communication from us about this.

What support can I access to help me in my career?

The SOAS Careers Service is always here to help graduates in developing their careers. We have a dedicated Graduate Support Network with a range of online and on-campus support available to you once you've left SOAS. You’ll find info, resources, and videos dedicated to helping our SOAS graduates get to the places they want to be once they finish their studies with us. We have information relating to each stage of the career planning process, so whether you have absolutely no idea which next steps to take or have an entire plan set out for yourself, the Graduate Support Network is here to guide you.

Don’t forget, you still have access to the SOAS Careers Service as a SOAS graduate and we are around Monday - Friday to offer advice appointments for applications, interviews, career planning and more. You can book one of our appointments by giving us a call on 020 7898 4115 or by coming into our office in SL62, Lower Ground Floor of the Paul Webley Wing in Senate House, and all of these are also available over the phone and Skype. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions at our email