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Previous Conferences

The Centre of African Studies organises and administers academic workshops and conferences on behalf of its members based throughout the University. It also holds meetings in collaboration with other Africanist organisations. Proposals for conferences and workshops should be sent in the first instance to the Chairman of the Centre of African Studies (

Previous conferences and workshops have included


Seeking Refuge: caught between bureaucracy, lawyers and public indifference?

Full Details


Conference Researching Violence and Conflict

Full details


African Trajectories of Slavery

Full details


AEGIS - Africa-European Group of Interdisciplinary Studies

held at SOAS in June 2005. The conference was the largest conference on Africa Studies held in Europe with more than 700 participants from Europe, Africa, US


Frantz Fanon: Healing the Psyche of the Wretched

(in association with the Africa Centre)

The Michael Scott Memorial Lecture. A Future for Africa

by Mr Peter Hain MP (in association with the Africa Educational Trust)

Gikuyu Orthography

(in association with the Department of Languages and Cultures of Africa, SOAS)

Safeguarding Africa’s Past

(in association with the Institute of Archaeology, UCL)

African Union: Challenges and Realities followed by a Zulu Dance Performance

(in association with the Southern Africa Association, SOAS)


The Role of Women in Building a New South Africa

(in association with Safiso)

The Emperor’s New Clothes? Continuity and Change in Colonial and Post-Colonial East Africa


Inaugural Annual Sembene Ousmane Lecture and Challenges and Celebrations

(a two-day African Film Workshop) (in association with the Department of Languages and Cultures of Africa, SOAS)

Africa Confidential at 40: Politics, Money, War and Peace

(in association with Africa Confidential)

New African Diasporas

(in association with ESRC Transnational Communities Research Programme, Migration Research Unit (UCL), St Antony’s College (Oxford)


Mau Mau: Revisionist Histories of Rebellion


Fertility in Southern Africa

(in association of The Journal of Southern African Studies)

Church and State in the Great Lakes Conflicts


Eliminating World Poverty: The Role of Education

(in association with the Council for Education in Commonwealth , the Royal Commonwealth Society)


Land Reform in Zimbabwe: The Way Forward

(in association with the Britain Zimbabwe Society)

Fourth Conference on Afro-Asiatic Languages

(in assocation with the Department of Linguistics, SOAS)


African Broadcast cultures: Radio and Public Life

Creative Writing in African Languages

(in association with CWAS and ASAUK)

Environmental Somalia: A Review of the Status of Information and of Development Options

(in association with the Water Resource Development Organisation of Somalia, Department of Geography, Centre of Development Policy and Research (SOAS), Resource Management and Research


Africa’s Urban Past

The UN System-Wide Special Initative on Africa: The Challenges it Faces and the Proposals it Makes

(in association with the United Nations Association)

Rwanda and Burundi

(in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

Visual Arts in Post-Apartheid Africa


The proceedings of many of these, and earlier, conferences have already appeared in edited books and journal special issues, others will appear during the lifetime of this brochure. This listing gives some indication of the breadth of interest of Centre members, but it is far from exhaustive - fresh initiatives are constantly being organised and advertised in African News. Seminars and lectures organised during the same period are too numerous to list.