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Speakers and titles

Speakers, institutional affiliation, and title of contributions
Dr. Argenti, Nicolas, Brunel University.

'Slavery, Youth, and Masking in the Cameroon Grassfields'

Prof. Bellagamba, Alice, Universita degli Studi di Milano (Bicocca).

'Idioms of Bondage and Deprivation in the Socio-Cultural History of the River Gambia'

Dr. Bouman, Annemarie, Utrecht University.

'Not of Their Free Will. Slavery versus Forced Marriage in the Kel Tamasheq Society, Burkina Faso'

Dr. Boyer, Florence, Research Fellow of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), Burkina Faso.

'De l’ambiguïté de la terminologie à la complexité des pratiques: la question de l’esclavage dans une société touarègue du sud-ouest du Niger'

Prof. (emeritus) Burnham, Phil, UCL Department of Anthropology.

'Discourses on Slavery: Change and Continuity'

Prof. Brown, Carolyn, Department of History, Rutgers University (USA).

'From Slave to Man: Gendered Emancipation Struggles and Colonialism in Southeastern Nigeria 1922-1935'.

Ms. Cacchioli, Romana, Africa Programme Coordinator, Antislavery International.

'Anti-slavery Advocacy with African Governments and Regional Institutions'.

Prof. Clarence-Smith, William, Head of the History Department, SOAS.

'Islamic Abolitionism in Sub-Saharan Africa'

Dr. Evers, Sandra, Department of Anthropology, Free University of Amsterdam.

'"To the Manner Born": The Perpetuation of the Ideology and Terminology of Slavery in Madagascar'

Dr. Hardung, Christine, chercheur associé au CNRS-GSRL, Paris.

''Nous ne sommes pas venus dans la clandestinité' – Mouvements et associations des groupes d'origine servile en Mauritanie'

Ms. Jenkins, Julie, PhD Candidate (finalist) at the University of Sussex.

'Situating "Ritual Slavery": Ethnographic Explorations of Trokosi in Ghana'

Dr. Juhe-Beaulaton, Dominique, Chargée de Recherche CNRS, Université Sorbonne Paris 1.

'Trajectories of Slavery in Dahomey (Benin), XVII-XX Centuries'

Prof. (emeritus) Klein, Martin, Department of History, University of Toronto.

'Slave Descent and Social Status in the West African Savanna'

Dr. Komlavi-Hahonou, Eric, Research Fellow at the LASDEL Institute of Parakou (Benin).

'Reconfigurations of Slave Identity and Status in the Context of Decentralisation in Niger and Benin'

Prof. Leservoisier, Olivier, Universite' Paris 5, Sorbonne.

'Contemporary Trajectories of Slavery among the haalpulaar of Mauritania: discriminations, resistances, and status renegotiations'

Prof. Lovejoy, Paul, Chair in African Diaspora History, York University (Canada),

'Trajectories of Slavery in Africa's Past and Present'

Prof. McCaskie, Thomas, History Department, School of Oriental and African Studies.

'The African-American Diaspora and the Slave Trade from Ghana'

Dr. Olaniyi, Rasheed, Department of History, University of Ibadan (Nigeria).

'"The Care of Children is Not Lucrative?" Liberated Slave Children and Unending Exploitation in Colonial Nigeria'

Prof. Olivier de Sardan, Jean-Pierre, Research Director CNRS, Study Director EHESS.

'Les Survivances de l'Esclavage Pre-Colonial dans le Niger Contemporain'

Dr. Rodet, Marie, Centre of African Studies, University of Vienna.

'Emancipation, Migrations, and Gender in the Upper Senegal, 1899-1920'

Dr. Rossi, Benedetta, ESRC Fellow at SOAS.

'Rethinking Slavery in Africa'

Prof. Schmitz, Jean, Research Director IRD.

'Les MaccuBe de l’Almaami ou la promotion des “esclaves” au Fuuta Tooro (Vallée du Sénégal)'

Prof. Tidjani-Alou, Mahaman, Professor at the University of Niamey and Director LASDEL Institute (Niger).

'Towards an Anthropology of the Struggle against Slavery: the Case of Anti-Slavery NGOs in Niger' (French)

Ms. Venkatachalam, Meera, PhD candidate, SOAS.

'Slavery in the Anlo-Ewe Imagination (Ghana)'

Prof. Vuorela, Ulla, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Tampere.

'Freeborn and Slaves in African Philosophy. Studying the Moral Order of a Tanzanian Village through Oral Stories'