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The Centre's activities are diverse and many. The majority of its members are lecturers of the University of London, contributing to the teaching of undergraduate and Masters degrees and the supervision of Doctoral research within the humanities, social sciences and sciences. One of the most important functions of the Centre is to act as a forum for regional and interdisciplinary co-operation within the University of London which is predominantly organised through membership of disciplinary departments. Other activities of the Centre include representation on international and national committees for African scholarship, research and understanding; establishing and supporting funded schemes for Visiting Scholars from Africa; linking academe, government, and business through meetings, workshops and conferences promoting Africanist research and understanding, and through meetings of the Africa Business Group; raising the profile of its members for interdisciplinary research and consultancy, and much more.

In pursuit of its aims, the Centre maintains a broad range of institutional liaisons with other Africanist centres in Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Commonwealth and the United States. It publishes its own briefing newsletter, African News, with a distribution of over 800 copies, three times a year. The Centre also keeps members informed of news, events and meetings on Africa throughout the year through the e-mail group mailing system run from the Centre office.

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  • Ghana 57 years after 1957: Recalibrating the Course of Progress
  • Nana Akufo Addo, Dr Michael Amoah, Manji Cheto
  • Speakers: Ghana High Commissioner to the UK (TBC); Nana Akufo Addo, 2012 Presidential Candidate, New Patriotic Party; Dr Michael Amoah, Research Associate, Centre of African Studies; Manji Cheto, Analyst / Vice President, Teneo Holdings.

  • Making Heritage from Atlantic Slavery: What and how to remember?
  • Gaetano Ciarcia, Toby Green, Robin Law, Andrew Apter
  • History on Film: Slavery & the African Diaspora from a Global Perspective (2nd series)
    Film: Mémoire promise (Promised Memories) (2013) dir. Gaetano Ciarcia (Montpellier University) & Jean-Christophe Monferran (Cnrs Paris)

  • Mental Health in Tanzania - Policy and Practice
  • Professor John Hall & Tina Everett
  • Presentation by clinical psychologist Professor John Hall and physiotherapist Tina Everett, from Oxford. 
    In association with the Britain Tanzania Society

  • Book Launch - When The Hills Ask For Your Blood
  • David Belton & Phil Clark

    David Belton, journalist, director and producer launches his book of powerful stories of survival, bravery and forgiveness, to shed light on Rwanda twenty years after the genocide.

  • African Development Forum: Creative Africa
  • Ikenna Azuike, Minna Salami, Isabel Moura Mendes, Musa Okwonga, Helen Jennings, Mathilde Dongala, Kiran Yoliswa and Alae Ismail
  • The SOAS African Development Forum is an innovative, student-driven platform for championing African development. We aim to promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussion and challenge assumptions surrounding development in Africa.



  • African Art @ 2014
  • Charles Gore & Elsbeth Court
  • Discussion on the 16th Triennial Symposium of ACASA


  • Climate Change in Africa: Positioning Online Resources, Research & Adaptation Projects
  • Dr Rocio Diaz-Chavez (Imperial College London), Camilla Tourmin (IIED), Dr Jen Dyer (University of Leeds)
  • This event looks at some of the initiatives around climate change conducted in Africa using different resources, including online tools and field projects. The inclusion of stakeholders in different areas such as policy makers, researchers and NGOs is considered crucial to be able to foster climate change initiatives in Africa.


  • ABG Seminar: Britain, China and Africa doing Business
  • Stephen Chan (SOAS), John O’Mulloy (MD Standard Bank London), Geoff Mills (China Country Representative – Institution of Civil Engineers)
  • Chinese investment in Africa has gained widespread attention over the last decades. The negative side of Chinese activity on the continent is an often repeated story of dubious ethical practices and an influx of Chinese labour. What is the situation now, and what role can British businesses play?

    In association with Business Council for Africa

  • Tanzania's 2012 Census: Tracking Population Growth, Internal Migration and Urbanisation
  • Hugh Wenban-Smith
  • The Tanzanian population is now 48 million.  Over 4 million live in Dar es Salaam. The growth has slowed slightly to below 3% per annum – which means that the population is doubling about every 25 years.  If the trends continue the population will reach 100 million around 2040, over half of whom will live in urban areas.  



  • The Role of the Diaspora in Health and Education Emergencies: Spotlight on Nigeria and Lesotho
  • Kekeletso Mokete, JW Adeyemi Dawerr & others
  • The event will see the launch of research studies conducted for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) by Equinox Consulting on mapping of Nigerian diaspora health and education professionals, and by AFFORD on mapping diaspora healthcare professionals in Lesotho. These studies are of particular relevance in the context of unfolding health emergencies in West Africa in particular.   

  • 'I Want to Work in Africa' Workshop
  • Frances Mensah Williams
  • Join us for a unique workshop led by Frances Mensah Williams, an experienced career coach and the author of the acclaimed book ‘I Want to Work in… Africa: How to Move Your Career to the World’s Most Exciting Continent’



  • ABG Seminar: Cutting Edge Community Based Tourism in East Africa
  • Dr Mulugeta Feseha (Addis Ababa University) & Professor Tom Selwyn (SOAS)
  • This event explores new routes and opportunities for tourism in Ethiopia.  Rich cultural, historical and physical landscapes suggest limitless tourism potential for Ethiopia and this meeting will reiterate existing offerings and suggest new strategy for tourism development throughout the country and the region.