SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies

Development Studies


Professor Gilbert Achcar

Professor of Development Studies and International Relations,

  • Political economy and sociology of globalisation, the global power structure and grand strategy, politics and development economics of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the sociology of religion in general, of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism in particular.
  • Middle East and North Africa
Dr Tim Allen

Lecturer in Development Studies, LSE,

  • War and ethnic conflict; refugee movements including repatriation; local understandings of health and affliction; international aid.
  • Uganda, Sudan, Kenya
Professor Henry Bernstein

Professor of Development Studies, SOAS,

  • Sociology of development; agrarian political economy; social and political theory; food commodity chains; governance and development.
  • East Africa, South Africa
Dr Edwin Brett

Reader in Development Studies, LSE,

  • Political economy of the colonial period in East Africa; problems of structural adjustment and international economic management; rural development in Uganda; democratic transition and institutional reform in Africa.
  • South Africa, East Africa, Uganda
Professor Christopher Cramer

Professor in Development Studies, SOAS,

  • Political economy of war; rural poverty and labour markets, primary commodity processing, privatisation; economics of cashew production, processing and trade (particularly in Mozambique).
  • Southern Africa, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Tanzania
Dr Jonathan Di John

Senior Lecture in Political Economy, SOAS,

  • Development economics, institutional economics and the political economy of growth and development in Latin America, especially in Venezuela and Colombia;
  • Political economy, especially concerning industrial strategy, taxation and tax reform, corruption, privatisation, oil economies, and conflict and war in mineral abundant economies
Professor Rosaleen Duffy

Professor in Development Studies, SOAS,

  • Environment, Politics and Development
  • Global environmental governance
  • Wildlife conservation, tourism and illicit trading networks
  • Zimbabwe, Belize, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Botswana, Thailand and South Africa
Dr Markus Goldstein

Lecturer in Development Economics, DESTIN, LSE,

  • Household economics; gender; agricultural economics.
  • Ghana.
Dr Laura Hammond

Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, SOAS,

  • Refugee repatriation, forced migration, resettlement, conflict and violence, diaspora and remittances to conflict-affected countries, famine and food security
  • Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea
Dr Michael Jennings

Senior Lecturer, Development Studies, SOAS,

  • Politics, governance, and civil society in sub-Saharan Africa; 
  • Non-governmental organisations; 
  • faith and development; 
  • history of development processes and interventions; 
  • issues in international health and non-state actors in health delivery
  • East Africa
Dr Matt Kandel

Newton International Fellow, SOAS,

  • Land tenure in Africa; post-conflict transition; displacement and resettlement; agrarian political economy; development and youth in Africa; state formation
  • Uganda and East Africa
Dr Tania Kaiser

Lecturer in Refugee Studies, SOAS,

  • Humanitarian assistance to the displaced and others affected by conflict. The role of UNHCR and NGOs. Anthropological analysis of refugee situations including social dynamics, political activity and transformations, identity.
  • Uganda, Sudan, Guinea
Dr Zoe Marriage

Teaching Fellow, Department of Development Studies, SOAS,

  • The political and psychological processes of NGO assistance in areas of violent conflict; the aid agenda of donor governments; mechanisms of learning and of denial in policy formulation.
  • Sierra Leone, Rwanda, DR Congo, southern Sudan.
Dr Andrew Newsham

Lecturer in International Development at the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy, SOAS,

  • Political ecology and the sociology of scientific knowledge
  • Environment and development in Southern Africa and South America
  • The relationship between conservation and development; Climate change adaptation and development
Dr Carlos Oya

Lecturer in political Economy of Development, SOAS,

  • Study of the political economy of agricultural liberalisation in contexts of rural inequality and differentiation, focusing on the impact of reforms on different social groups and their responses to crisis and adjustment. Working on a research project on the rural labour markets and poverty in Mozambique, with particular focus on casual and seasonal agricultural labour, rural non-agricultural labour, poverty and gender.
  • Senegal, Mozambique, Francophone West-Africa, Lusophone Africa
Dr Helena Pérez Niño

Research Fellow in Political Economy in the Department of Development Studies, SOAS,

  • Political economy of development in Southern Africa, and on the articulation of agricultural producers and workers with global production networks. 
  • Expansion in Southern Africa of tobacco leaf produced in contract farming arrangements
  • Migrant labour, natural resources and foreign aid in Southern Africa
  • Southern Africa, Mozambique, Malawi
Dr Alfredo Saad-Filho

Lecturer in Development Economics, Department of Development Studies, SOAS

  • Political economy Southern Africa; agrarian transition; macreconomicpolicy and stabilisation, development finance.
  • Mozambique, South Africa
Dr Purna Sen

Director, Programme for African Leadership, Department of International Development, London School of Economics, P.Sen[at]

  • Gender and development, social justice, human rights.
Dr Michael Walls


  • The emergency of a system of state governance in Somaliland; consensus-based political systems vis a vis representative democracy; Somali traditions of consensus-based political organization. The state as a common-property regime.
  • Somaliland, Ethiopia
Professor John Weeks

Professor of Development Economics, SOAS,

  • Macroeconomic management, structural adjustment and stabilisation programmes in sub-Saharan Africa; economic cooperation among developing countries, especially in eastern and southern Africa; economic policy in South Africa.
  • Eastern and Southern Africa
Dr Wendy Willems

Lecturer in Media, Communication and Development, LSE, w.willems[at]

  • Critical approaches to media, communication and development.
  • New media and social change.
  • Popular culture, performance and politics in Africa
  • Souther Africa (Zambia, Zimbabwe in particular)