SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies



Dr Antonio Andreoni

Lecturer in Economics, SOAS,

  • Industrial economics and policy; Theory of production, capabilities and commons;
  • Microeconomics of manufacturing systems; Technology infrastructure and intermediate institutions; Structural economic dynamics; Inter-sectoral linkages;
  • Comparative political economy of development; Industrial competitiveness; Collective capabilities and microfinance
  • East Africa
Professor Ben Fine

Professor of Economics, SOAS,

  • Economic history of South Africa in the twentieth century; South African minerals- energy complex; economic assessment of and policy for South Africa; economics training and capacity building.
  • South Africa
Dr Deborah Johnston

Lecturer in Development Economics, SOAS,,

  • Dr Johnston has a research interest in poverty and labour markets. Her research has investigated the impact of labour market and educational initiative son poverty. She has also worked extensively on land reform. More recently she has begun collaborative research work on transferring learning points from work on the impact of HIV/Aids in Africa to an understanding of the impact of the disease in Russia.
  • Southern Africa: Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe in particular
Professor Jane Harrigan

Professor of Economics, SOAS,

  • International finance for development and the economic reform programmes associated with IMF and World Bank; 
  • the links between macro-economic policy and agricultural performance in sub-Saharan Africa; 
  • the gender dimensions of economic liberalisation and globalisation; 
  • and the political economy of economic reform in the Middle East and North Africa. 
  • sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Ghana and Eastern and Southern Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa.
Professor Laurence Harris

Professor of Economics, SOAS,

  • Financial economics; financial policy; structural adjustment; capital markets.
  • South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe
Professor Machiko Nissanke

Professor of Economics, SOAS,

  • Finance and development in sub-Saharan Africa; international trade and finance; Asia-Africa comparative studies.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Matteo Rizzo

Lecturer in the Economics of Africa, SOAS,

  • Economics of Africa, the political economy of development, the present as well as its history with a focus on Eastern Africa.
  • History of rural development and agrarian change in Southern Tanzania, economic deregulation, privatisation and urban informal labour markets in Dar es Salaam, development aid effectiveness, and the role (potential or actual) of civil society (NGOs and trade unions) in development
Dr Pallavi Roy

Lecturer in International Economics, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS,

  •  currently engaged in a DFID-sponsored project 'Anti-corruption Evidence' in Tanzania, Nigeria and Bangladesh
Professor John Sender

Professor of Economics with reference to Africa, SOAS,

  • Economics of Africa, especially Eastern and Southern Africa; policy changes and rural women in South Africa; macroeconomic policy in South Africa; agriculture.
  • Southern Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria