SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies


Professor Tony Allan

Professor of Geography, KCL,

  • Land resource evaluation; applied geography with reference to agricultural development in semi-arid areas; remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems; hydrology and water resources management.
  • Middle East, North Africa, Libya, Egypt, Sudan.
Dr Kathy Baker

Senior Lecturer in Geography, King's College,

Agricultural development, particularly in the semi-arid regions; smallholder farming systems; environmental issues; environmental management and agro-ecology; soil science, drought.

  • West Africa, Senegal, Gambia, Mali.
Dr Tanya Bowyer-Bower

Lecturer in Physical Geography, KCL,

  • Environmental impact assessment and management; land degradation and desertification; land use impact; urban agriculture; environmental policy.
  • Southern Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria
Dr Khalid Koser

Lecturer in the Geography Department, UCL,

  • Main research interests are international migration and development, forced migration and refugee repatriation, transnational communities and post-conflict resolution, with particular reference to Mozambique and Eritrea.
  • Recent publications include:
    • The New Migration in Europe: Social Constructions and Social Realities, ed. with H Lutz, 1998, (Macmillan)
    • The End of the Refugee Cycle? Refugee Repatriation and Reconstruction, ed. with R. Black, 1998 (Berghahn)

Dr JoAnn McGregor
Lecturer, UCL

  • Politics and history of Africa, particularly in conflict, migration and refugees, environment and development. 

Dr Claire Mercer
Lecturer in Human Geography, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE

  • Civil society, migration and development
  • intersections between postcolonialism, human geography and development
  • Tanzania; African Diaspora in the UK
Dr Anthony O'Connor

Reader in Geography, UCL

  • Contemporary economic, social and political issues in tropical Africa, with special reference to East Africa, and to migration and urbanisation; HIV/AIDS in Africa; 'brain-drain' from Africa to Europe.
  • East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
Dr Ben Page

ESRC Post-doctoral Research Fellow, UCL,

  • Histories of urban water supply in West Africa, sources of capital, sources of labour and uneven development. Histories of community development. The efforts of water managers to charge people for piped water and the efforts of water users to resist paying for water. The politics and progress of water privatisations. The reciprocal relationship between ecological change and social change in cities.
  • Cameroon, Nigeria
Dr Deborah Potts

Lecturer in Geography, KCL,

  • Human geography; urbanisation, rural-urban migration, low-income housing, land reform.
  • Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa.
Professor David Simon

Reader in Development Geography, RHBNC,

  • Land and development issues; urbanisation/urban development; transport; political geography; regional development; development theory and policy; environment and sustainability.
  • Namibia, South Africa, Kenya
Dr Julian Thompson

Lecturer in Physical Geography, UCL,

  • Hydrological monitoring and modelling of wetlands; sustainable water resources and wetland management.
  • Nigeria