SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies



Professor David Bradley

Ross Professor of Tropical Hygiene Emeritus, LSHTM,

  • Water resource development. Epidemiology of water-related diseases; schistosomiasis and malaria control; migration and malaria, malaria in pastoralists & in irrigated rice.
  • Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire
Professor Paul Fine

Professor of Communicable Disease Epidemiology, LSHTM,

  • Epidemiology, infectious disease, tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, vaccines.
  • Malawi
Dr Paul Wenzel Geissler

Senior Lecturer, LSHTM,

  • The relationship between change in time and practices of relatedness, with a particular emphasis on domestic everyday life and practices concerning illness and healing.
  • Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
Professor Richard Hayes

Professor of Epidemiology and International Health, LSHTM,

  • Research studies on malaria in various African countries; research on the epidemiology and control of HIV and other STDs in sub-Saharan Africa; randomised trials of health interventions.
  • Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda
Professor Ian Timaeus

Professor of Demography, LSHTM, (Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town)

  • African demography, in particular the measurement and interpretation of fertility and mortality trends; health information systems and health policy; family and society in Southern Africa; AIDS.
  • Southern Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Gambia
Professor Gill Walt

Reader in Health Policy, LSHTM,

  • Trends in primary health care policy; health education; role of traditional midwives; health policy analysis in terms of processes and power; health policy formulation and implementation; international organisations involved in health; donor co-ordination in developing countries.
  • Southern Africa, South Africa, Mozambique