SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies


Dr Michael Brett

Emeritus Reader in the History of North Africa, SOAS,

  • Mediaeval North Africa, Egypt and the Sudan, especially in the Fatimid period; history of Islam in Africa; the Maghrib from 1815.
  • Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan
Dr Michael W. Charney

Professor of South-East Asian History, SOAS,

  • Recently working on a comparative research on Precolonial and Colonial States and Transportation in West Africa and Mainland Southeast Asia.
Professor William G Clarence-Smith

Professor of the Economic History of Asia and Africa, SOAS,

  • Islam and slavery; trade diasporas in Indian Ocean; horse, mule and donkey raising and trade; tree crops (cocoa, coffee, oil palms, rubber)
  • Asia and Africa
Dr Wayne Dooling

Lecturer in the History of Southern Africa, SOAS,

  • Slavery and emancipation in the Cape Colony; early colonial South Africa
  • South Africa
Professor David Killingray

Professor of Modern History, GC,

  • Colonial Africa; Africa and the First and Second World Wars; colonial military and police; colonial social control; photographs as historical sources and the history of photography; the Black diaspora - Africans in Britain; the Caribbean in the 20th century.
  • West Africa, Ghana
Dr Rebekah Lee

Lecturer in History, GC, r.lee|

  • Gender and urbanisation, Islam and Christianity in southern Africa, generational family histories, identity and the urban environment, settlement strategies, death and disease.
  • Southern Africa, South Africa
Emeritus Professor Shula Marks

Professor in the History of Southern Africa, SOAS,

  • 'Family history', history of the Jews in South Africa. Southern Africa: social and economic history with special reference to the history of health and health care, women, race, class, ethnicity and nationalism; mainly late 19th and 20th centuries in South Africa; gender and sexuality.
  • Southern Africa, South Africa
Professor Malyn Newitt

Professor of History in the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, King's College,

  • Main research interest is Portuguese colonial history and Indian Ocean history, with particular reference to Mozambique, Sao Tome and the Comores Islands.
  • Recent publications include:
    • History of Mozambique, 1995, (Hurst)
    • Negotiating Justice, ed. with M Bennun, 1995, (Exeter U.P.)
Dr John Parker

Lecturer in African History, SOAS,

  • Early modern and modern West African history.
  • West Africa
Professor Richard Rathbone

Professor of the Modern History of Africa, SOAS,

  • Recent West African political history; the terminal phase of British rule in Africa; decolonisation of the Gold Coast; the history of nationalist politics in West Africa; the history of colonial and racial attitudes towards Africa; the history of African intelligentsia; slavery; legal history.
  • West Africa, Ghana
Dr Richard Reid

Reader in the History of Africa, SOAS,

  • Political and military change in eastern and northeastern Africa during the 19th and 20th centuries;
  • Pre-colonial state and society;
  • Modern liberation war and ideology;
  • Attendant socio-political change in northeast Africa;
  • Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania  
Dr Marie Rodet

Lecturer in the History of Africa, SOAS,

  • Gender History; 
  • History of Slavery and Emancipation; 
  • Migration History; 
  • Legal History;
  • Francophone West Africa; Senegal, Mali.
Dr Hilary Sapire

Lecturer in Imperial and Commonwealth History, BC,

  • South Africa (19th and 20th centuries): urban social history; African politics; contemporary African urbanisation and informal settlement; lunatic asylums and the history of psychiatry in South Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • South Africa
Dr Sarah Stockwell

Lecturer in Imperial and Commonwealth History, KCL,

  • Ending of colonialism; history of British business in West Africa; problems of financial devolution and establishment of indigenous banking systems; economic aspects of the transfer of power in Ghana during the 1940s/50s.
  • West Africa, Ghana