SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies

Postgraduate Student Work in Progress

Christine Singer, SOAS
“Born Free”? Youth and Screen Media in Post-Apartheid South Africa (1994-2012)

Robin Steedman, SOAS
Gendering Production/Producing Gender: An Analysis of Contemporary Kenyan Female Filmmakers

Jade Lee, SOAS
Women of the British Colonial Service: Contested Identities and Liminal Lives, 1936 – 1961

Yoseph Mengistu, SOAS
The Christological Implications of the Pneumatology of Cyril of Alexandria in Orthodox Ethiopia (1607-1878)

Darryl Nel, SOAS
The 'Tokoloshe' and cultural identity in post-Apartheid South Africa

Peter Nichols, SOAS
A Morpho-semantic Analysis of the Persistive, Alterative and Inceptive Aspects in siSwati

Portia Owusu, SOAS
Spectres from the Past: The Politics of 'History', Memory and Slavery in West African and African-American Literature.

Miriam Pahl, SOAS
Precarious Lives in the Postcolony: The Human Being in Emergent Genres in Contemporary African Literature

Anne Schumann, SOAS
Danse philosophique! The Social and Political Dynamics of Zouglou Music in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, 1990-2008

Estrella Sendra Fernandez, SOAS
Two-tier festivals in Senegal between the local and the international: A case study of the Festival of Folklore and Percussion (FESFOP) in Louga, Senegal

Ying Cheng, SOAS
Is Theatre Dying in Nigeria? Recycling Popular Theatre in Metropolitan Lagos

David Dobrovoda, SOAS
Czechoslovak-African Political Relations in the 20th Century

Marta Agosti Pinilla, SOAS
Human Rights and Feminism: young activists in the battlefield of post-revolutionary Egypt (provisional title) 

Karin Ahlberg, SOAS
"They are destroying the image of Egypt": Tourism, Egyptian nationhood and infrastructures of image making.

Jessica M Chu, SOAS
The cultural economy of 'land grabs' in Zambia (working title).

Niamh Jane Clifford Collard, SOAS
Crafting Knowledge Through Textiles in Ewe-speaking Ghana

Mary-Anne Decatur, SOAS
Medicalization and Meaning: Male Circumcision, Female Genital Cutting and HIV in Northern Tanzania (working title)

Franziska Fay, SOAS
Contesting the Ordinary: Children's Perspectives on 'Child Protection' in Educational Settings in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Zoë Goodman, SOAS
'Asian' spaces in an 'African' city: an ethnography of postcolonial Mombasa

Katharina Graf, SOAS
Domestic Cooking in Morocco: Skill, Knowledge Transmission and Social Change (working title)

Lennon Chido Mhishi, SOAS
Songs of Migration: Experiences of Music, Place Making and Identity Negotiation amongst Zimbabwean Migrants in London

Anne-Line Rodriguez, SOAS
The closure of European borders and mobility in Senegal

Cristiana Strava, SOAS
At Home with Modernity: Exploring Place-making on the Margins of Casablanca.

Mikal Woldu, SOAS
A Cross-national and inter-generational investigation of Eritrean migrants in London and Milan (Working title)

Ignacio Agrimbau, SOAS
Discourse about performance practice among Iranian santur players and Ghanaian gjyil players.

Crispin Robinson, SOAS
Technicians of the Sacred: Generating transcendence in Afro-Cuban orisha worship. An ethnography of praxis in bata drumming.

Gavin Walker, SOAS
Music, meaning and persuasion in South African public health compaigns.

Paula Callus, SOAS
Documenting Sub-Saharan African Animation

Helena Cantone, SOAS
White Skin, Black Masks: The African art projects of Salvatore Fiume (1915-1997).

David Malik, SOAS
Urban Art Forms in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and their Roles in the Making of Diasporic Identities in Communities in London, United Kingdom

Maurizia Onori, SOAS
Neo-Mamluk and neo-Sicilian/Norman funerary monuments, nineteenth - twentieth century in Sicily

Maria Sardi, SOAS
Mamluk textiles

Rounwah Adly Riyadh Bseiso, SOAS
From the State to the Streets of Cairo: Understandings of Art in the Aftermath of the Egyptian Uprising

Mohamed Taha, SOAS
Political Communication of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: Analysis of practices before and during Morsi’s presidency (2012 - 2013)

Weidi Zheng, SOAS
Projecting favorable images of China: hegemony and anti-hegemony in African private media room

Chris Büscher, SOAS
Water and development in a variegated capitalism. Dutch water aid & trade development reproducing and transforming water access in Mozambique

Jean-Baptiste Damestoy, SOAS
Governance capabilities, industrialisation and the state: the case of the cotton and textile sectors in Ethiopia

Ini Dele-Adedeji, SOAS
The re-construction of Islamic identities within the mobilisation of the Boko Haram sect in Kano & Borno

Dariusz Dziewanski, SOAS
Institutionalized violence? Examining the role of informal institutions in armed violence in South Africa

Diana Felix Da Costa, SOAS
Working title: The politics of Murle identity, experiences of violence and of the State in Boma, South Sudan.

Sibylle Herzig van Wees, SOAS
The Role of Faith Based Health Providers in context of Health Reforms in post-1990 Cameroon

Kirstie Kwarteng, SOAS
Remittances and Identity: A Comparative Study of Second-Generation Ghanaians in London and New York City (Working Title)

Amrita Lamba, SOAS
Interrogating Inclusive Natural Resources Governance: Comparing Brazil and South Africa

Musa McKee, SOAS
‘Just Add Water’ - The Alchemy of Authoritarian Rule in Large-Scale Agricultural and Residential Developments in Egyptian Deserts during the Mubarak Era. (working title)

Bilge Sahin, SOAS
Bringing Justice to the People: Developing Access to Justice to Fight Conflict-related Sexual Violence Crimes and Challenging Gender Performance in North-Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Florian Schaefer, SOAS
Agrarian change and agricultural commercialization in the Ethiopian coffee and floricultural sectors

Farwa Sial, SOAS
The internationalization of 'The Developmental State': The role of Development Aid and Capital Flows. 

Magdalena Suerbaum, SOAS
Mosaics of masculinity - Gendering the experience of male Syrian refugees in Egypt

Jo Tomkinson, SOAS
National policymaking and the problem of policy space: A review of economic development strategies in Ethiopia and Vietnam (working title)

Bereket Tsegay, SOAS
Green Economy for Climate Mitigation and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the Role of Carbon Finance in Ethiopia 

Nana Amma Asante-Poku,  SOAS
Emerging Governance and Institutional Arrangements under Globalisation: A Case Study of Ghana's Pineapple Export Sector (Working Title)

Olayinka Babalola, SOAS
Structural Transformation in the Technology Service Sector in Nigeria

Basani Baloyi,  SOAS
The Financialisation of Mozambique's Road Transport Sector

Rami Galal,  SOAS
Inequality of Opportunity in Select Arab-Spring Countries: Measurement and Attribution

Gilad IsaacsSOAS
The Internationalisation and Financialisation of Non-Financial Corporations in Democratic South Africa (working title)

Richard Itaman, SOAS
Financialisation in Sub-Sahara Africa: The Nigerian Experience (Working Title)

Kyungha Kim, SOAS
Effects of Mobile Money on Financial Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups, Urban Poor and Women, in Nairobi

Gabriel Pollen, SOAS
Total Factor Productivity Growth Applications in a Developing Country: Does the case of Zambia validate or repudiate its realism? (Working Title)

Hassan Sherry, SOAS
Industrialisation in the MENA Region: The Case of Egypt, Turkey and Iran (working title)

Christina Wolf, SOAS
“China’s Impact on Latecomer Industrialisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: On the Interaction between Changing Patterns of Global Demand and Investment Flows and their Mediation through (Industrial) Policy” (working title)

Catherine Doe Adodoadji, SOAS
Climate Change and Vulnerable Coastal Communities in Ghana (working title) 

Camilla Audia, SOAS
Mechanisms of land tenure and gendered access to land within complex households in rural Burkina Faso.

Jody Harris, SOAS
SUN and RAIN: An assessment of intersectoral coordination for nutrition in Zambia

Konstantin Makrelov, SOAS
Financial and Real Economy Interactions in South Africa: A Stock and Flow Analysis

Stella Wambugu, SOAS
Agriculture and Health in Low Income Countries - Investigating Farm Household and Wider Interactions in sub Saharan Africa (working title)

David Beamish, SOAS
Ottoman and North African Émigré Intellectuals in Paris, 1890-1914

David Bannister, SOAS
Disease control and its changing contexts in northern Ghana, 1900-2000

Etana Dinka, SOAS
Resistance and Integration in the Ethiopian Empire: the case of Macca Oromo of Qellem (1880s-1974)

Mohamad El Merheb, SOAS
Political Thought in the Late Ayyubid and Early Mamluk Period: The Road to Ibn Jamāʿa and Beyond

Erin A. Freas-Smith, SOAS
Domestic Work in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, A Focus on Durban and Ixopo From 1920-1960

Shantelle George, SOAS
Religion, Identity Formation, and Memory among Liberated Africans and their Descendants in Grenada, 1836 – present’

Philip Gooding, SOAS
Lake Tanganyika: Commercial Frontier in the Era of Long-Distance Commerce, East and Central Africa, c.1830-1890

Daisy Livingston, SOAS
Archival practices in the medieval Arabic lands. Documents and archives at the centre and periphery in Egypt and Syria: institutional, communal, and private practices in a diverse literate society.

Shane Marotta, SOAS
Berbera, 1840--1920: The history of a Somali port in the Gulf of Aden

Brandi Simpson Miller, SOAS
A Social History of Food and Cooking in Ghana in the 19th Century

Khadija Chennoufi-Gilkes, SOAS
Insiders and Insider-Outsiders: A comparative discourse-network study of the Algerian and Moroccan Amazigh cultural movements via social media

Francisca Everduim, SOAS
Morphosyntactic Variation in Bantu

Samantha Goodchild, SOAS
The role of gender in the maintenance of multilingual repertoires at the ‘linguistic crossroads’ of Brin, Djibonker and Mov Avvi, Casamance, Senegal.

Chesea Krajcik, SOAS
A window into the multilingual mind: exploring deictic gestures and spatial language in Casamance, Senegal 

Heather Ayn Todd,  SOAS
A cross-linguistic areal comparison of the semantics of ethnobotanical knowledge in Cameroon

Miriam Weidl,  SOAS
"Loo wax!?" [What did you say!?] Multilingualism in Senegal - about the break(up) and the dynamicity of linguistic ‘systems’.

Ayse Kara, SOAS
Istanbul through Moroccan Travellers’ Eyes from 16th to 18th Century: a Comparative Study of Moroccan-Ottoman Travel Writing

Amina Khatun, SOAS
Muslim women mystics: The faith stories of contemporary British Muslim women in the transnational Bani Alawiyya Tarīqa of Hadhramawt

Eleanor Tiplady Higgs, SOAS
Emphasising Christianity: The Young Women's Christian Association in Kenya

Kemi Ingram, SOAS
African American Orthodox Christians: Culture, Contextualization and the Making of an American Orthodox Church

Romina Istratii, SOAS
Approaching domestic violence in Tigray: Ethiopia through the lens of local religio-cultural knowledge systems

Dorothy Tembo, SOAS
Missions, Colonialism and Christian Identity in Malawi

Laila Fathi, SOAS
Re-thinking transitional justice in a post-colonial context - analysis of the Franco-Algerian war and the reconciliation process (working title)

Kari Lipschutz, SOAS
Working title: "Rentier Law: Access to Environmental Justice in Nigeria"

Sidonia Lucia Kula, SOAS
Working Title: The Accountability of States for the Rape, Sexual Abuse and Violence Against Congolese Refugees in Angola

Mwanakitina Mohamed Bakari, SOAS
The development of the Law of Wakf In Kenya

Prince Ndudi Councillor Olokotor, SOAS
Recognition and Enforcement of Transnational Commercial Arbitral Awards: An Appraisal of the Legal Regimes in England and Nigeria.

Fatima Swehli, SOAS
The role of the property law in post-conflict Libya

Micha Wiebusch, SOAS
The Emerging Normative Framework of the African Union on Constitutionalism – The Legal Process and the Contribution to Peace, Security and Democratic State Building

Miyase Yavuz, SOAS
The Role of Ijtihād in Family Law Reforms of Modern Muslim-Majority States: A Case Study of Morocco.


Sabrine Hakam
Thesis: Examining African ‘cityness’ to inform an urban theory from the ‘global south’

Jonathan Phillips
Thesis: Territories and Materialities of Offshore Oil and Gas in Ghana.

Adeniyi P. Asiyanbi 
Subject-making and impacts of REDD+ in Cross River Nigeria

Fanny Frick
Riskscapes of flooding in a rapidly urbanising coastal region: The case of the Densu Delta, Accra, Ghana

Frezer Haile
Changing conflict and cooperation in the Nile River Basin: A hydro-political analysis of recent Eastern Nile developments

Charlotte Heales
Microfinance and Enabling Environments: A perspective from Malawi

Diana Magalhaes
Gendering Development in Mozambique: The Role of Women’s Civil Society Associations Fighting Poverty in Maputo

Jon Phillips
Justice and the Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions in Ghana

Caitlin Douglas
Conserving wildlife and habitat in riparian desert ecosystems: establishing water-vegetation-wildlife relations for ephemeral rivers and the development of a policy-support tool for the threatened Swakop River, Namibia

Andrew Ogilvie
Hydro-social functioning of small reservoirs in a semi-arid catchment (Merguellil, Central Tunisia)

Gabriel Abarca Brown
Explores subjectivity and mental health in afro-descendant young immigrants in Chile, and the mutual relationship between them and mental health services

Guntars Ermansons
Ethopolitics of London Somali communities: mental health and moral economy of substance use

Moustapha Doukoure
Job creation process in resource rich countries with particular reference to Nigeria


Jeffrey Davis
The groundwater resources of  weathered precambrian basement complex acquifiers below erosion surfaces in southern and eastern Africa.

Justine Uyimleshi
Strategies for emergency preparedness and response to man-made disasters in Nigeria. 

Claudia Amphlett
Climate change, drought impacts and the coexistence of people and large carnivores in East African rangelands

Nikhil Chaudhary
Social Evolution and the Behavioural Ecology of BaYaka Pygmies

Deniz Salali
Social structure, cultural transmission and cooperation in Mbendjele (BaYaka) hunter-gatherers

Anas Yahaya
Quantification of Differences in the Levels of Facial Asymmetry of Hausa Ethnic Group in Nigeria, Correlation between Socioeconomic Status and Medical History

Caroline Ackley
Negotiations of intimacy and morality in Hargeysa, Somaliland

Cathryn Townsend
Transformation in Egalitarian Societies: Examining the emergence of inequality amongst Baka hunter-gatherers

Kaya Uzel
Cosmology, Development, and Iconoclasm in Postcolonial Burkina Faso

Charles Birungi   
His doctoral work applies economic analysis tools to develop a novel approach to fiscal sustainability of the HIV and AIDS response in Uganda.

Nnamdi Orazulike   
An economic evaluation of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis(DR-TB) care and treatment in Nigeria focusing on the costs and benefits of the various models of DR-TB care.

Tim Shand
His doctoral work focuses on Malawi, where he is co-ordinating quantitative and qualitative research looking at men’s SRH attitudes and practices.

Ms Victoria Sibson
Victoria is coordinating a community based Randomised Cluster Controlled Trial testing an modified unconditional cash transfer given to poor households in rural Niger during the lean season to prevent children becoming acutely malnourished. For her PhD studies she plans to focus on whether and how male labour migration among cash receiving households effects the outcome of the trial.

Judith Yargawa
Community perspectives and measurement of maternal morbidity in Northern Nigeria. 

Julie Bonzon
‘Race-consciousness’ in contemporary South African photographic practices: the Market Photo Workshop

Afonso Dias Ramos
Imageless in Angola: Living through the aftermath of war. Reinveinting the photographic medium in a transnational age

Katarzyna Falęcka
Returns to the de/colonial archive: the photographic cultures of the Algerian war and their afterlives in contemporary art

Gabriella Nugent
More than (W)Hole: Thinking Time, Sound and Movement in Contemporary Lens-Based Practices on Democratic Republic of Congo

Valentina Bernardi
Impact of Agricultural Intensification and Population Expansion on the Health, Growth, and Disease of the Post-Meroitic and Late Medieval Upper Nubian Populations

Tatjana Beuthe
Interactions between Egypt and the Near East in the 4th-early 3rd millenium BCE

Oliver Boles
Lasting Impressions: an archaeo-ecology of ephemeral pastoralist settlement in eastern Africa

Michael Brass
The archaeology of social organisation at Jebel Moya: 5th to 1st millennium BC

Andie Byrnes
The development of early food producing economies in Egypt A comparative study

Kate Fulcher
Colour in the New Kingdom Town: the technology of painted vernacular architecture at Amara West and Amarna

Ikram Ghabriel
The Cult of Ptah in Thebes

Sally McAleely
Arranged Plant Material as Material Culture: Featuring Archaeobotanical Remains from Ancient Egypt. Colloquially known as 'Flower Arranging'

Hannah Page
Technology, Function and Politics in the Use of Ceramics: Interpreting Iron Age Society in Great Lakes Africa

Tian Tian
Decline of grave goods in 3rd millennium BC Egypt

Atena Ungureanu 
The Restoration of Ancient Egypt – Continuity and Reinvention in Late Period Elite Tomb Scenes

Chloe Ward
A (Re)Assessment of the use of documentary archives from the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Archaeology of Egypt, Sudan and the Near East

Jin-ho Chung
Political Ecology and community based adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia

Carole Enahoro            
Art, the City, and Satire: Critical Response to Nation-building in Abuja, Nigeria

Nicola Horne
Oyinbo as Other: The making and meanings of whiteness in Lagos, Nigeria

Andrew Jacobson
Large carnivores under threat: examining persistence of large carnivores in East Africa

Richard Mazebedi
The importance of the floodpluse on trophic characteristic of Lake Ngami under prolonged inundation conditions; A terminal Lake of the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Thien Vinh Nguyen
Urban development, governance, and oil windfalls in an African city: The case of Sekondi-Takoradi (Ghana)

Clement Oghoro
A Place of Disputes: Land, Oil Resource and Governmentality in Warri

David Seddon
Assessing Human Impacts on Groundwater Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sainabou Taal
Development and international migration; understanding the drive for political intervention in the Gambian diaspora

Abdifatah Tahir
Negotiating space in Nairobi: a case study on the experience of Somali migrants in Eatleigh