SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies



Professor Louis Brenner

Emeritus Professor of History of Religion in Africa, SOAS,

Dr Humphrey Fisher 

Emeritus Professor of History, SOAS, 

  • Religious history of pre-colonial Africa, and in particular of Islam in tropical Africa; religious conversion, particularly in Africa; slavery, particularly in Islamic tropical Africa; European travellers in Africa, particularly Gustav Nachtigal. Booty, historiography of Africa; Almoravids and ancient Ghana.
  • Sahel, Sudan belt, Ghana
Professor Paul Gifford 

Emeritus Professor of African Christianity, SOAS,

  • The socio-political role of Christianity in Africa
  • Ghana, Zimbabwe, Uganda - and Africa generally
Dr Jörg Haustein 

Lecturer in Religions in Africa, SOAS,

  • Pentecostalism in Africa (particularly Ethiopia) and worldwide
  • The history of Islam in colonial East Africa